In the Charente raid on total stations

At Vœuil-et-Giget, Alexandre Pla-Gassol had not seen such crowds since 2012.

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Because Total has lowered its pump prices above the government rebate, the pumps only stop when they’re empty. Train stations, not really used to such crowds and not really big enough to store so many vehicles, have become masters of disruption. After deliveries and the passage of tank trucks.

Delivered, emptied immediately

Also on Monday, the Total gas station in Angoulême on Boulevard du 8 Mai, opposite the Renault dealership, had to close its tracks at noon, a red HS sleeve on all guns. “However, they had to be delivered at 6 a.m. in the morning ‘, noted an employee of the tanker. The tanks will only have supplied motorists for a few hours before they dry up. The queue regularly clogs the roundabout on Rue de Paris. The same applies to Total Access in Sillac, where traffic is regularly disrupted.

Consequence of the rush on the pumps, frequent bottlenecks, between two deliveries.

Consequence of the rush on the pumps, frequent bottlenecks, between two deliveries.

Photo by Quentin Petit

In Chauvauds, in Champniers, on the edge of the old RN 10, the station worker has made many new friends. “80% of customers never came here to help themselves”he thinks as he sees the line lengthening on the street. “And again it’s quiet”, he lets go. “For the first two or three days, the line stretched to the detour, two roundabouts down. »

At 50 kilometers a day, we pay attention to the effort. Salary increases slower than gasoline.

Since then, the gas station has been supplied daily and sells its 36,000 liters at high speed, which is three times more than usual. “It’s the price effect”. At €1.60 for diesel and €1.44 for unleaded, it’s hard to beat. Except going to Reignac or Barbezieux. See you again totally. 1.54 diesel, 1.44 petrol.

In Reignac, where the House of Lautret has been selling fuel for more than fifty years, regulars have taken the opportunity. Like Fabrice, the driver, driver at CFF who visits Bordeaux daily. Or Maxime Vizcarro, the dacquois who comes by on Mondays and always stops his truck. “There’s the price he acknowledges but we stopped before that. We have the map here. And in the morning we drink coffee. We are very well received. »

I’m looking for applications

But even without the coffee reserved for the faithful, many left the four-lane RN 10 to take the old federal highway for a few hundred meters. Pierre works at Engie and drives quite a bit. “In the company, we have to help ourselves at Total. » He preferred to stop at Reignac, where a dozen vehicles clogged the route. “There are stations where it’s even crazier. In Bordeaux it’s not even worth it. »

In the Charente it is still practicable depending on the time. Paradoxically, the huge total station at Truck Stop Plaisance in Barbezieux was not taken by storm. Hélène, crossed on the spot, works in Barbezieux, lives in Charente-Maritime and is unfaithful to Leclerc, where she used to live. Émilie from Graves-Saint-Amant, who works at the Barbezieux hospital, made the same calculation. “Diesel is 1.54. In Châteauneuf it is 1.60. Is it worth. At 50 kilometers a day, we pay attention to the effort. Salary rises less quickly than gasoline “she slips again. “We didn’t think before. Today I look for the cheapest station in the apps. We try to watch, scratch a few euros. We all do the same.”

Like the pros. Yohan, a truck driver from Loir-et-Cher, laden with empty bottles, ends his day and refuels the truck. The price table won his support. “We are instructed to use diesel for less than 1.60 euros if possible. I have space there. »

“This is unfair competition”

Seven total stations in the first seven places in the list of petrol stations, yesterday on the government website full box Due to the discount granted by the tanker, the petrol stations of the brand were ahead in price, thirteen cents less than the competition for diesel, twelve cents for unleaded. The competition can’t keep up.
“Unfair competition since Total has a monopoly”, is taking action against Simon Ricaud, the head of the Leclerc Lunesse store in Angoulême. “But it was never the train station that gave us life”, he says. Fuel is a loss leader for large areas. “Nothing will change for us”, affirms Simon Ricaud, who can at least count on motorists unwilling to make a detour or waste time in endless queues to earn a few cents. A few euros for a full tank.

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