Inflation is also driving up Pokémon Go prices

Fantasy worlds are also affected by inflation. Niantic Labs, the game publisher behind the hugely famous game Pokemon Goannounced in a blog post that prices for in-app purchases of Pokemon Go would soon increase. Buying Pokecoins for in-game bonuses will soon cost more whether you use Android or iOS.

A message that was not very well received

This price increase within the game is in fact explained by the general price increase that Apple made on the AppStore at the end of September. In the pricing grid that the company provides to developers, all predefined price levels have been revised upwards due to inflation. A purchase that was previously worth €0.99 is now billed at €1.19. With developers being forced to adjust the prices of in-app purchases Pokemon Go logically increased. Not only the famous monster capture game is affected, because all Niantic games – and in the long term all AppStore games – have also increased in price, whether penetration Where Pikmin bloom.

While we are not taking immediate action in response to this change, we will be monitoring its impact and discussing how to address changing conditions around the world.“Ingress makes it clear that it has to apologize in some way for the price change. Of course, players of Pokemon Go are not enthusiastic. On Reddit, many netizens are complaining about this decision, especially Android phone owners.

Android players are also affected

Although Niantic justifies its price increase with Apple’s new pricing policy, Google for its part has not yet announced such changes. Android players have therefore been paying more since October 5, while Niantic is under no obligation to inflate its prices on the platform. Obviously, it’s absolutely not out of the question that Google might decide to increase prices on its platform over the next few days as well, and on game balance issues, it’s not out of the question for Niantic to put everyone on an equal footing, regardless of what community uses. But even so, the pill appears to be struggling to get passed to the game’s fans.

It’s at least interesting to see that the company is transparent on the subject, even if the explanations are a bit flippant. Whether other development teams will follow in Niantic’s footsteps and pump up the prices of their games or apps on iOS and Android in the coming weeks remains to be seen.

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