Injuries, mental… The heroic judokas at the Tokyo Olympics had a hard time digesting the aftermath

3:00 p.m. October 5, 2022 changed to 3:50 p.m. October 5, 2022

First provider of medals at the Tokyo Olympics (eight), French judo endured a difficult post-Olympic year. Unsurprisingly for Sarah-Léonie Cysique, who had in mind “Many reports from athletes about the difficulties of the following year”, she told us on Insep last week. In order to avoid Gambberger, the runner-up has decided under 57 kilos “jump from one train to another” due to the very early resumption of the competition. She found nonetheless “a bit difficult to remotivate”, up to his third place at the Paris Grand Slam in February. While waiting for the World Championships in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, which will open on Thursday.

New heading

Also defeated in the final in Tokyo in the Nippon Budokan, Madeleine Malonga (under 78 kilos) immediately set new accents. “Get off the mat”She was relieved that the Olympics were in Paris “In just three years”. But here it is: A change of coach, at the club as with the French side, made the transition “not obvious”. At the end of April, after a podium at the European Championships in Bulgaria, Francilienne felt that she was not doing well: “I don’t normally ask myself questions, but I had a backlash. » After a five-year Olympiad related to the health crisis and the one-year postponement of the competition, his body had suffered “need some rest”.

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The landing was even more hectic for Shirine Boukli, the only tricolor without a medal. The millennial wondered: “Will it follow in the head? » Concerns were resolved during the Sofia meeting, where she retained her European title and her rank of world No. 1 at less than 48kg. The smile slowly returned.

Amandine Buchard had the best year for girls. Having his gold (teams) and silver (individuals) medals “revived” an often frustrating career. Hungry, she put the kimono back on in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) in November, and four months later in Paris. Same result: victory. Romane Dicko hopes to ride the same wave. The youngest of the French team (22 years old) will take part in her second World Championship in Tashkent. 2017, still a minor, her name was “fuse” for the team competition and ended up wearing a bronze medal around his neck. Fourteen months after her Olympic discovery, the PSG resident has favorite status she’s keen to defend.

The girls are “on the job”, not the boys

Apart from Clarisse Agbegnenou, who gave birth to her first child in June, the other six athletes present at the Games will travel to Uzbekistan. “You are on the line”, tastes Stéphane Nomis. The President of the Federation (FFJDA) cannot say that about the male collective. Teddy Riner last minute package, overtime is total at the start of the Olympiad. “We didn’t expect it, but it’s a logical progression”, weighs Christophe Gagliano, responsible for raising the overall level by 2024. Firstly, because the Tokyo team was old – 31 years old on average compared to 25 for the other nations. But also because juniors, “brilliant”Pop up. “We take risks” take responsibility.

Luka Mkheidze, the first medalist last summer, would have taken part in the World Championships if he hadn’t torn ligaments in his right knee in March. Guillaume Chaine suffered the same injury. Conversely, Kilian Le Blouch (under 66 kilos) and Alexandre Iddir (under 100 kilos) struggled and lost the confidence of federal personnel. However, the two team gold medalists will not be removed from the lists “You must wake up”, thunders Gagliano. Fortunately, the next World Cup will be held in Qatar in May 2023. One last chance to seize “old”who dream of one last jump in the Arena Champ-de-Mars in less than two years.

Laryngeal fracture and hybrid car

That morning at the Insep dojo, Axel Clerget jumped over to join us. He is the least spoiled of the post-Olympic year. A broken larynx – extremely rare – delayed his recovery. He had already been operated on in October 2021 for pubalgia that had been dragging on for too long. “I feel liberated positive, who is also a physiotherapist. In 2024 I will have even more physical resources than in Tokyo. » Freed from excruciating pain, he was nevertheless told that at 35 he had better fold his kimono for good.

An idea that was dismissed out of hand. This white season had at least one positive consequence. On his return from Japan, he told the JDD that, maddeningly, he plans to replace his old Clio. Thanks to a partnership, a dealer eventually gave him a Toyota Hybrid as a present. ” And the, he laughs, without having to spend my Olympic Bonus! »

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