Internet users stunned by Cyril Hanouna’s virulence towards Emile Meunier

That evening, on the TPMP set, Cyril Hanouna spoke very directly to the Parisian-elect regarding the boycott of the World Cup in Qatar and the administration of the city of Paris. (C8 screenshot)

This Thursday, October 6, Cyril Hanouna and his columnists wanted to return live on C8 to the boycott of the World Cup in Qatar by the city of Paris. On this occasion, the host on the set of TPMP received the elected Parisian ecologist Emile Meunier. When the elected official, whose faction is behind Anne Hidalgo’s decision, tried to justify the boycott, he was quickly questioned by Baba about the administration of the city of Paris. The latter was very frank, very direct… and sometimes disrespectful of Emile Meunier, according to many netizens.

A sequence worthy of “Don’t Look Up” for netizens. This Thursday night, C8 viewers discovered a new number from TPMP starring Cyril Hanouna, more unleashed than ever! Yesterday, “Baba” took over the reins of his show after leaving Benjamin Castaldi in charge of animation for two days. His return to the set was harrowing, to say the least: Cyril Hanouna arrived on his electric bicycle without having eaten and appeared over-excited as he resumed animation on his flagship programme. When he resumed his post, the host wanted to revisit any issues discussed in his absence and was particularly violent towards Anne Hidalgo. Tonight “Baba” dedicated the episode “The buzz of the day” to the boycott of the World Cup in Qatar by the city of Paris. To discuss this on set, TPMP received a (brave) elected Parisian who had voted with his faction in favor of this boycott: Emile Meunier, EELV adviser from Paris. From the start, even before Emile Meunier’s arrival on set, the C8 star presenter, very familiar with the World Cup boycott, struck a very harsh tone, while at the same time repeatedly hailing the bravery of the chosen Parisian who was on set tonight present is show.

VIDEO – Discover Cyril Hanouna’s minute

“I think I’d be gone a long time ago…”

At the beginning of the interview, Cyril Hanouna asked the elected official if he was behind the boycott decision in Paris: “My group, the environmentalists, were part of the majority and we tabled a proposal where we called for no fan zone, no publicity for the event in public space, no money from the town hall to fund this event and Anne Hidalgo accepted the proposal and we are delighted,” explains Emile Meunier. No sooner had he finished his sentence than Cyril Hanouna challenged the elected official: “Anne Hidalgo, as soon as there’s a crappy proposal, she takes it back.” Something that sets the tone of the interview. If the discussion focused on the boycott of the World Cup in Qatar, it then branched out to the administration of the city of Paris: place of the car, proliferation of rats, wasps (confused by bees), economic life… all these topics were discussed on the set, but Cyril Hanouna was particularly virulent towards the chosen one. “You fuck Paris!” he threw her up several times. Sometimes vulgar, very harsh, often cutting, “Baba” has drawn heavy criticism on Twitter.

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