Investigation reveals ‘systemic’ pattern of sexual assault and abuse of female professional players in US

That suggests the survey published on Monday sexual comments, unwelcome sexual advances and touching, and forced sex‘ repeated against players, mostly from the American national team.

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After gymnastics and the Larry Nassar affair in 2018, another sport is the target of allegations of large-scale sexual assault in the United States. An investigation conducted by the American Football Federation and released Monday, October 3, targets a workout systemic“of the sexual abuse to which many players, including some who play for the national team, have fallen victim as part of the championship organized by the league (NWSL).

This investigation by former United States Attorney General Sally Yates and the law firm King & Spalding uncovered “sexual comments, unwelcome sexual advances and touching, and forced sexwithin women’s soccer in the United States. The 172-page report features interviews with more than 200 NWSL players and details abuse by coaches, as well as manipulation, bullying and retaliation against women who testified.

collective passivity

The investigation found that clubs, league officials and the United States Soccer Federation “Repeatedly failing to adequately respond to evidence-based player complaints” and “have not taken necessary action to prevent and combat this abuse, although some executives have privately acknowledged the need for safeguards in the workplace“.

This collective passivity, in particular, allowed one coach with abusive and reprehensible behavior to move from one club to another, preceded by positive references that disguised his wrongdoing. “Those at the NWSL and USSF who were able to rectify the situation remained silent, overwhelming investigators. And nobody within the clubs, the league or the association has asked for anything better from the coaches.”

The results of this investigation are heartbreaking and deeply disturbing.said USSF President Cindy Parlow Cone, a former US women’s national team player who took over in 2020 and started the investigation a year ago.The abuses described are inexcusable and have no place on the field, in a training center or in any other workplace. The federation is fully committed to doing everything in its power to ensure all players – at all levels – have a safe and respectful place to learn, grow and compete.“, she added.

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