IQ test: which group wins? Only the “smartest” can complete this visual challenge in 5 seconds.

Intelligence is generally defined as the ability to adapt to any situation. This quality is sought after in today’s society because it mostly correlates with success. And to get a glimpse of your cognitive abilities, it’s a good idea to take IQ tests. They are both rewarding and entertaining.

As part of this puzzle you have to take on the role of a detective. Your job is then to look closely at the image below and guess which team will win the showdown. You have 5 seconds to solve this case. Therefore, you have to concentrate very quickly. Don’t get distracted or you will fail. You no longer have the ability to verify that you are intelligent. So don’t miss the smallest detail.

Here is the result of the riddle

If you approached the test by comparing the size of each team’s members, then you were wrong. You need to take your analysis even further by looking at every detail. And the most striking clue is the location of the boy in blue’s foot, which is in the left group. If you look closely, the young man is about to touch the line in the middle. Therefore, the team on the right emerges victorious from this confrontation.

You guessed the team that will achieve victory

Congratulation! You’re one of the smart people now. You played your role as a detective perfectly. Nothing escapes you because you have the eye of a hawk. They like to attach great importance to the smallest detail. Also, one can analyze a given situation very quickly and under pressure. Remember that these skills are in high demand in today’s society.

If you failed to solve this riddle

It’s okay to fail. It also happens that smart people have difficulty solving certain puzzles. But know that this does not mean that you are stupid or dumb. We suggest you keep practicing to train your brain to deal with this type of problem. This will make it easier for you to solve the very difficult IQ tests. There are indeed many tests on the net. Because of this, you can start with the simplest challenges and increase the complexity over time.

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