IQ test: who will the princess choose? Only GENIUSES solve this SUPREME puzzle: 2% did it.

The puzzle that we are going to offer you is far from an easy task. You will need to use your mental agility, analytical skills and sense of logic. The recorded error rate for this IQ test is 98%. In other words, only geniuses are able to provide an answer to this challenge. will you be a part of it

The aim of the test is to guess which of these two knights will get the hand of the princess. Knowing full well that the young woman’s decision will only be made after the two knights have dueled. Whoever arrives at the lake with his horse last wins the challenge. So who do you think will win the showdown? You are entitled to 10 seconds to study the situation. Use your analytical skills and intelligence to solve this tricky puzzle.

Here is the answer to this riddle

In fact, if the goal was to reach the lake as late as possible, it would be impossible to choose between the two knights. They would certainly have given up either way. So the two warriors had to swap horses. And whoever reaches the lake first automatically wins. Suppose you are one of the knights, by winning you prove that your horse ridden by your opponent is slower. In other words, it respects the initial condition that the knight who arrives last at the lake receives the hand of the princess.

if you could answer

Solving this riddle shows that you are a great genius. The people who developed the test never thought that someone would be able to come up with such a complicated answer. But since you’re smart, you managed to solve it in less than 10 seconds. That is an admirable achievement. It can be said that no problem is complicated enough for you. They are always ready to offer a solution, no matter how difficult the case.

If you haven’t found the answer

Do not give up. The set time may not be enough for you. Poor concentration can also be the reason for this failure. This is not serious as it is a common situation among mere mortals. You just need a little practice. We then recommend you to do other IQ tests to exercise your brain.

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