“It hurts a lot”: Anne Roumanoff’s confidences about her plastic surgery

Anne Roumanoff was a guest at C à Vous this Thursday, November 17th. The comedian used this interview to talk about her new show, but also a cosmetic surgery she regrets.

Anne Roumanoff is a humorist who needs no introduction. She has been at the front of the stage and going to shows for several years. The comedian, who was invited to the set of C to You this Thursday, November 17, shared some confidants about his new show. She mentioned one sketch in particular plastic surgerywhat touches them personally. “She doesn’t need a facelift because she’s not doing her 35-year career‘ begins Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, before mentioning an emblematic character of her guest’s show: ‘The Remade Woman is one of your favorite characters that viewers have been asking about‘ The host then adds: ‘Cosmetic surgery, you wouldn’t even recommend it to your worst enemy?‘ to which the main participant first replies: ‘I had liposuction” before stopping and specifying: “I don’t want to talk about that“. However, Anne Roumanoff adds that she advises no one, not even her worst enemy. The reason?”It hurts‘ she concluded, seeming to have a very bad memory of the experience.

Cosmetic surgery isn’t the first time Anne Roumanoff has mentioned it. She hadn’t planned her surgery at all and she says it with complete transparency. guest of the show We’re redoing the TV In September 2021, Eric Dussart first assured her that she looked good, but also that she looked 20 years younger. “And all without plastic surgery“, he had started. What the main person concerned had replied: “Oh yes, a little, anyway!”. An unexpected revelation to which she then clarified: “No but there In March I had liposuction on my stomach!” she continued, but added that she doesn’t have a good memory of it. “No, but it hurts a lot! Honestly, I prefer dieting and abs“She was having fun. It was in March 2020, during confinement when the performance halls were closed and therefore unable to perform on stage, that she made that decision.”I said to myself, ‘Now is the time or never’. I have work all the time, where I said to myself: ‘I’ll do it’. but I hadn’t even realized it was surgery, hyper… Honestly, it hurts really, really, really badly‘ she confessed, recalling the importance of thinking before you act.

Anne Roumanoff: How was her recovery?

Anne Roumanoff suffered from this operation but also had to deal with other health problems. For a week I got up to do my radio show and then went back to bed. I was not feeling well‘ she recalled, before adding, ‘And then I had the Covid”. A very complicated situation for the comedian. “I was in very mild form, but I was still in bed for a week even getting up to do my radio show. And so I lay motionless in bed… Which is not good at all‘ she continued before clarifying that she thought she was going to die.I ate a lot, I admit, because I was very worried. And I said to myself, ‘If it ever goes badly, I have to have strength’ … I had it delivered because it was during confinement.”She revealed before enjoying herself: “After all that, there was still a small assessment… I had gained weight!‘ she concluded.

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