Jail sentence required for Gaëlle Dumas suspected of molesting young Blagnac footballers

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The former TFC player appeared before the Toulouse Criminal Court this Thursday. She is suspected of molesting several players at the Blagnac Women’s Hope Center.

” Our goal was to feed the national team. These footballers are destined to be professionals. I’m demanding and open. I say things how I feel. I had no intention of hurting or humiliating them. I wanted them to climb the ladder “, assures Gaëlle Dumas, blond hair, light jacket on his shoulders, jeans and dark shoes. This Thursday, she listens carefully to the President of the Toulouse Criminal Court. Nevertheless, his gesture reflects a certain irritation , if the statements of the victims follow each other.

Weight, acne, family situation… For two years, the manager of the Blagnac Women’s Hope Center, appointed to this position by the Midi-Pyrenees Football League, let nothing happen to her players. The 50-year-old former France international has been charged with harassment. Facts committed on seven teenage girls between November 2020 and April 2022. Five victims are defended by Me Lasserre.

“It’s the high level”

The investigation was triggered by an anonymous letter to the district administration. According to the letter, the fifty-year-old would have been bullying on teenage girls since taking office in 2020. “You’re ugly, a liar, too fat. Your stepdad is an alcoholic”: The words to these high school girls were harsh. Probably too much for these 16 year old girls. In two years, a dozen young players have suffered this daily harassment. But they dared not speak for fear of being fired and saying goodbye to a possible professional career.

Dozens of people were questioned during the police investigation. “Some footballers are traumatized. They gained weight, fell into depression, stopped playing sports,” explains the court president. “I wanted to help them. I had to comply with regulations. She had to deliver athletically and at school level. That’s the high level,” says the 50-year-old, who denies any harassment.

At the top, Gaëlle Dumas has the answer to everything. She even seems carefree. An attitude that annoys prosecutor Jean-Michel Peltier. “She is not trained for this position! Minors need to have confidence,” the prosecutor said. It requires 6 to 10 months imprisonment with a two-year suspended sentence, prohibition from appearing at the Blagnac center and from contacting the plaintiffs.

The decision is reserved for February 1, 2023.

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