La Poste will open “new generation” offices by the end of the year

In the middle of the renovation phase, La Poste wants to renew its real estate portfolio with an investment plan of 800 million euros.

La Poste will open around ten generationby the end of the year, triggering the renovation component of its investment plan, the group announced in a press release on Wednesday.

Around ten La Poste offices are due to open by the end of the year and 70 more are expected by 2024, with the aim of completing the renovation of all 7,000 post offices by 2027 under an investment plan of €800 million, of which €500 million is for renovation reserved. Among the announced changes are new vending machines and digital terminals “more intuitive and ergonomic», in particular to buy pre-paid envelopes and packaging, to weigh and frank mail or a parcel or even to edit the bank account details for La Banque Postale.

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La Poste also takes care of thatparcel stations“which will be tested in certain offices in 2023”to allow customers to open their package, check the conformity of their purchases, drop off their packaging for recycling, try on clothes bought online in a fitting room and manage all package returns‘ explains the group. According to the various La Poste offices, it will be possible to “Road Traffic Act or boat license», or to rely on concierge services.

become a bank advisorequipped with laptops for video conferences and touch tablets“. Account managers, now sporting a new black jacket in the colors of La Poste and La Banque Postale, will have smartphones to streamline the processing of the simplest actions, such as sending and collecting parcels. Customers can now collect their parcels without presenting their collect their identity card provided they present their digital identity to La Poste.

La Poste has 17,000”touch points», including 7,000 post offices – compared to 10,000 ten years ago -, 7,000 municipal post offices and 3,000 postal dealers.

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