Large families – Internet users are outraged by the Boibessot challenge for their children

This Monday, October 3, the Boibessot Challenge in “Large Families” outraged internet users. TF1 screen capture

The Boibessot family was back on TF1 this Monday 3rd October in a new episode of ‘Numerous Families’. And while the parents of seven children were in the middle of Lent while filming the show, they found one activity that offended netizens: playing with food.

This Monday, October 3, viewers found the biggest families on the small screen. Like every day of the week, two episodes of “Extended families: Life in XXL” were broadcast on TF1. While the first was a repeat of last Friday, the second allowed viewers of the show to see the Boibessot, Gonzalez, Colas clans as well as the Jean Zéphirins. The latter celebrated the carnival, an opportunity for them to dress up all their children. The eldest had decided on a hippie costume and had only one idea in mind: “Make love and not war”. A sentence that made many laugh.

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For their part, the Boibessots found themselves in the middle of Lent during filming of the show. And if that period rhymes with fasting and deprivation, the parents of seven children have compensated through other activities that have not been unanimous on the web … In fact, as Audrey Boibessot explained, she is always looking for new real ones to reproduce and share on his social networks. And this time she dug up one “that wasn’t bad,” even more “funny.” She then asked her two children, Camille and Mayeul, to come and take on this new challenge as a family.

“Bravo for the principles”

For them it’s “job”, like “playing ball”. Also, the mother of the family makes sure her kids really love it. And that challenge in question was to dip her kids in whipped cream, per Audrey Boibessot’s questions. So it was up to her husband to determine which child would be covered in whipped cream. If this challenge seems to have made the whole family laugh, netizens have not. Many of them were offended to discover that the Boibessot family was playing with the food. While some have called this a “stupid principle”, others have insisted on recalling the current context. “In a global context that we’re in, it’s not great to show this so quietly on TV,” lamented one Twitto. An opinion shared by many Internet users.

“Don’t be ultra-shocked”

And if some netizens have regretted the fact that Hervé and Audrey Boibessot post their children on social networks to make “opinions”, some have insisted on remembering that they still have the opinion of Mayeul and Camille before the film had caught up with. Others pointed out that Twitterers “take offense at everything.”

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