Let’s Sing Presents ABBA – Review of Let’s Sing Presents ABBA – Give Me A Chance

Agnetha, Benny, Björn and Anni-Frid… ABBA. Legendary group of the 70’s that despite a break in the 80’s never really lost their aura, supported by various ABBA revival like cover versions of the group A*Teens or the musical then the film Mamma Mia! so much so that their latest album, Travel, published in 2021, ranked among the bestsellers of the year almost everywhere. Of course, I could not miss this new Let’s Sing opus dedicated to the group.

The ABBA gem in the perfectable case of Let’s Sing 2022

We don’t find it surprising Let’s Sing presents ABBA the game modes identical to those of the 2022 version. Instead of quoting everything here, I refer to the very good Alandring test.

Solo, we will probably prefer the Legend mode, which will present us with various challenges with original traps, but eventually It’s always the ability to sing that allows you to have 3 stars or not. Completing everything presents a certain challenge and allows for an overview of the playlist.

The rest of the modes effectively cover all tastes, whether you want to face off against online players (asynchronously), sing in a cooperative/competitive duet, or just holler into the mic at the end of the night.

Also, I write “micro” but of course it’s always possible to play with your phone through an application, even if depending on the quality of the phone I find it less fun and the result more variable.

Regarding the speech recognition, we stay in the quality of what Let’s Sing can do with this ability to make us sing several octaves apart once we stay consistent in the changes of tone. We’ll still notice some rather complicated passages in certain songs, particularly for the low voices, which can struggle to find the right compromises compared to the group’s singers.

Unfortunately we do not find the leveling of the account necessary, only to unlock costumes … I can imagine that it may amuse some of them, especially since the costumes are emblematic for the group, but there are long seconds between transitions song that we could do without.

Ah, those outfits in good taste...

We chain the pipes

The basic Let’s Sing playlist is generally 40 tracks, but if we regularly come back to more than 10 tracks, it’s usually already a good vintage.
This version for ABBA contains 31 songs (all in English). I would like to write 30+1 because we have 30 titles from the group’s golden age, but also I still have faith in you from the 2021 album. I would say we have about 20 absolute hits and about ten tracks that, although less well known, do not deserve their presence here.

As usual, the songs are accompanied by clips and we have to admit that ABBA isn’t what has aged best: the kitsch is absolute. But it’s also what still gives the group its charm.

As a compilation of titles from a single group, we feel less than other Let’s Sings the problem of songs not cross-game: it’s impossible to launch Queen titles in ABBA interface and vice versa, but it’s less embarrassing, because when we start this let’s sing, it’s for a swedish theme night.

Mama Mia!

For the fans

Obviously this Let’s Sing Presents ABBA is aimed at a niche of Let’s Sing players, but a niche that will be filled with something they consider essential for home karaoke.

This title will please ABBA fans as much as Let’s Sing Presents Queen Freddy Mercury charmed fans.

Do you want to ?

But no, it's not kitsch

Tested by Aragnis on Switch with a version provided by the publisher.

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