“Magic” Messi, resignation and sanction: Cristiano Ronaldo lets go of his truths (again) in an interview with Piers Morgan

It’s an interview that, to be honest, looks more like a thread. After the publication of the first excerpts at the end of last week, the first part of Cristiano Ronaldo’s interview with journalist Piers Morgan was broadcast on Wednesday evening, with new comments, especially on the younger generation. But who says the first part… says the second part. And usually last. Like the program, it was unveiled this Thursday evening where we discover a CR7 that doesn’t hesitate to talk about the age of its future retirement.

I want to play another 2 or 3 years. So 2 or 3 years maximum. I want to finish when I’m 40. I think 40 is a good age… but I don’t know, I don’t know the future (…) A resignation if I win the World Cup with Portugal? Yes, 100%” he confided. Before returning to his refusal to step in at the very end of the game against Tottenham before returning to the dressing room and leaving Old Trafford.

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Ronaldo’s contract will have to be terminated for Neville


It’s something I regretfirst explained CR7. Well, maybe, or maybe not, I don’t know. It’s hard to say that I regret it because I felt provoked by the coach. I’m not allowed, a coach who puts me three minutes into a game. I’m sorry, I’m not that kind of player. I know what I can bring to the teams.”

Ronaldo was sanctioned in the move by his club and said he was disappointed. “Yes, I was very disappointed with the communication from Manchester United. To be honest, I’ve never had a problem with any club, with any coach. And they banned me for three days, that set the press on fire (…) When I wasn’t called up for Chelsea, I came home and Cristiano Junior said to me: ‘Dad, you’re not going to play?’. I replied that I was banned for three days and laughed at him and said ‘how can they punish the best player in the world, you don’t play?’. I replied, “No, because I hadn’t behaved well‘.”

CR7 was then asked about their lifelong rival, a certain Lionel Messi. “He is someone I respect very much and who has always spoken well of me. My wife and his are both from Argentina. He is someone who has done great things for football. He’s an incredible, magical top player. I have a good relationship with him, we have been in the spotlight for 16 years. I’m not his friend in the sense that he doesn’t come to my house and I don’t have him on the phone, it’s more like a teammate.” Have dinner with him one day? “Sure, why not“, he replies.

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Regarding his near future, the Portuguese remained mysterious… or almost. “The fans will always be in my heart no matter what.he said (…) The press says I’m offered everywhere? It’s absurd and wrong. There are a few clubs that wanted to sign me and I didn’t go because I feel comfortable here. It’s the truth (…) I don’t know what will happen after the World Cup, but I repeat, the fans will always be in my heart. And I hope they will be by my side whether I come back or not. Still at United in January? It’s hard to say because I’m focused on the World Cup. But maybe it’s good for Manchester and probably good for me to start a new chapter.”

CR7 summons offer from Saudi Arabia

When Cristiano Ronaldo was asked to confirm an insane offer from Saudi Arabia last summer, he admitted it was difficult to turn down: “Yes, it is true. But the junk press keeps saying nobody wants me, but that’s completely wrong (…) I turned down a few offers because I felt good at Manchester United and I still feel capable of playing at the highest level play and score goals.”

Finally, of course, Erik ten Hag took his place. “I like honest and sincere people. I don’t negotiate with my morale, it will always be intact (…) He says he won’t take me against City out of respect for my career and then he wants to bring me in against Tottenham for three minutes? I don’t hide that the relationship with the coach is not good. I’m honest. He doesn’t respect me the way I deserve“, dropped CR7, whose departure now seems inevitable. For Gary Neville, United are even likely to end his contract.

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First League

Bayern interested in Ronaldo: Why we don’t (yet) believe it


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