Majority in the House of Representatives, the Republicans want to organize the siege of the White House

There are victories that are fragile, taste bitter, come slowly, and deserve little outpouring. Eight days after the midterm elections, the Republicans won the majority in the House of Representatives and passed the threshold of 218 elected. The good performance of the Democrats and a sometimes very tedious count delayed this result, which was confirmed by the American media on Wednesday, November 16th. The final allocation of places will require a few more days of patience.

Forget the hoped-for red wave. The narrow lead Republicans will have will force them to exercise strict group discipline even as their party experiences the throes of division. Donald Trump’s rushed 2024 presidential candidacy, announced Nov. 15, accentuates the internal conflict between two tectonic plates: the MAGA (Make America Great Again) movement and the traditional Republican apparatus. Democrats, who control the Senate, are poised to curl up like a hedgehog in the face of future attacks from the House of Representatives while waiting for Americans in 2023 to feel the positive effects of reforms initiated two years ago by the Biden administration.

In a statement released Wednesday night, the US president congratulated the Republican Party on its success and said he was willing to work with elected officials focused on citizens’ daily lives. He also issued a warning: “Voters have made their concerns clear: the need to lower prices, the protection of the right to vote [l’avortement] and the preservation of our democracy. »

A hystericization of public life that tires

The fragility of the Republican Party in the House of Representatives was highlighted Tuesday by the more difficult-than-expected election of Kevin McCarthy (California) as the presidential nominee, previously occupied by Democrat Nancy Pelosi. He collected only 188 votes against 31 for his opponent Andy Biggs (Arizona). Those dissenting voices, however, will not be able to miss the January 2023 call for Kevin McCarthy’s formal appointment. On Wednesday it was the turn of Donald Trump’s despised Mitch McConnell, who was challenged to lead the Republican faction in the Senate (37-10). This confrontation between the two leaders in Congress illustrates the influence of the Freedom Caucus – the group that brings together about forty elected officials who have joined the MAGA movement. Armed with the intimidating power of the Trumpist base, these elected officials seek to tighten their control of the party line.

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