Manchester United have made a drastic decision for Cristiano Ronaldo

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Cristiano Ronaldo witnessed a massacre on Sunday afternoon. On the bench, as so often this season, the Portuguese saw Manchester United humiliated by neighbors and rivals Manchester City. A 6-3 defeat he wasn’t involved in because his coach Erik ten Hag didn’t bring him into the game, the Dutch technician explained in a press conference after the game.

Ten Hag benched him against City

“I didn’t get him out of respect for his great career”, he confessed to reporters. A justification that some consider honest. Others saw it as a new lack of respect for the Lusitanian international, who continued to score a slew of goals last season and throughout his career. Among the supporters of CR7 we find Roy Keane. The former Man Utd player defended the 37-year-old striker while taking action against Old Trafford residents.

“I think United don’t respect Ronaldo. We should have let him go before the end of the transfer window. The manager held him back. Ok, he said he wanted options. But they don’t stop Ronaldo from benching him. He’s one of the greatest players of all time. He had options (to move this summer, ed.). (…) United showed nothing but disrespect towards Ronaldo.”.

The Dutchman is in favor of leaving

But the story is set to end in January 2023. At least that’s Cristiano Ronaldo’s wish, who is banking on a good World Cup to attract clubs competing in the Champions League. This summer, some had also tested the ground, like Chelsea and Atlético, without going all the way. Only Al-Hilal had made a crazy offer. This winter the situation should change. Especially since the Mancunians have already decided to do it.

the telegram reveals that Erik ten Hag, who wanted to keep him this summer before accepting a possible exit, told his management that the door for CR7 is already wide open in the 2023 winter transfer window. The Dutchman will not stand in the way of his exit if a good offer comes. Good news for CR7 and his agent Jorge Mendes who can work on this file. Some observers also see Chelsea going on the offensive, especially as Todd Boehly wanted it this summer but Thomas Tuchel had turned it down. But the German is gone and MU is open to an exit. All lights are green for CR7.

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