Marrakech Fashion Week has launched its first edition of 2022

After the four main fashion weeks in New York, London, Milan and Paris, Morocco hosted the first edition of Marrakech Fashion Week from October 26th to 28th.

Inspired by Parisian parades and born in New York, the event quickly went global. Therefore, the four main fashion weeks are held in New York, London, Milan and Paris. Today there are more than 140 official fashion weeks worldwide. So far Morocco has not had a fashion week, even if the Arab Fashion Week has grown from 3,000 to 16,000 spectators in three editions, the Marrakech show had to express itself and shine in this highly professional world.

This first edition lasted 3 days, from 26th to 28th October 2022, and fashion designers of different nationalities were invited to preview their creations to the public. Fashion shows and presentations also highlighted all needs backstage and front office…light, management, models, beauty experts, sponsors, partners and spots. With this first fashion week in Morocco, a new era of fashion shows was born. Brands, designers and creative artists like Alphadi (fashion designer), Tom Rebl (fashion designer), Lune de Jour (fashion designer), Romeo Couture (fashion designer), Aseela (Moroccan brand), Jean Claude Benielli (fashion designer), Rana Rezapour (fashion designer), Nel Création (fashion designer), Dayan Candamil (fashion designer) were able to present their collections there in a preview.

Tradition, culture and fashion… when the useful meets the pleasant

Marrakech is the most iconic city of fashion and creation in Morocco, blending tradition and modernity. Beyond fashion, the MFW event also highlights the city’s historical and cultural sites… El Badi Palace, Villa Majorelle and Golf Al Maden. These are three places, all ambassadors of the culture and heritage of the ocher city. As part of MFW, these venues held very large fashion shows, all with catwalks for more than 10 drivers and a huge space behind the scenes.

Resources and equipment at the height

From sound and light and professional photographers to makeup artists and costume designers, MFW has all the necessary equipment and resources to guarantee fashion designers catwalks and performances of international standards, showcasing all of their original creations. Thanks to the cooperation with the company 8SKYPRODUCTION, MFW was able to benefit from 50 domestic and foreign job models. They have become champions in fashion shows and/or photo shoots. The professional team has important references in the international fashion industry.

Good media coverage

Partners who ensured the smooth running of this first fashion week, such as beauty brand Marie-B, were joined by internationally recognized artistic directors who know the backstage of European fashion weeks inside out, such as Marion Amelineau. The event also benefited from extensive national media coverage, with targeted media such as L’Officiel Maroc, Luxe Radio, Femme du Maroc, l’Économiste,, 360 etc. Other international media were also present such as Vogue Arabia, GQ Magazine , Vanity Fair, L’Officiel or Marie Claire.

The MFW supports young designers

A “Young Talents” competition was launched on the MFW Instagram page. It allowed the best selected designers to offer a fashion show and turnkey photo shoot.

About Marie Bogaert, President of the MFW association

The MFW association was founded in February 2022 and consists of 5 members chaired by Marie Bogaert. The latter has 20 years of experience in the luxury and beauty industries and Marie is often asked to make her expertise available around the world. She has participated in many internationally renowned events such as Dior Fashion Week, Cannes Film Festival and Docquin Paris. She is a finalist in the world competition AIPP 2016 in the avant-garde category, finalist in the French competition Big One Tribute in the category Afro, winner 2015 of the Hair Battle in the national artistic hairstyle. The bulimic autodidact is happy to please her clients and give them valuable advice. Her altruism is also reflected in the humanitarian missions she engages in to help the most disadvantaged young girls. Marie lived between Paris and Marrakech and founded one of the largest modeling agencies in Morocco. Today she organizes an event commemorating the history of Moroccan fashion: the Marrakech Fashion Week.

About MFW

Marrakech Fashion Week creates an exclusive fashion meeting point for designers and fashion houses of all kinds. The fashion week that every designer should experience, regardless of their industry affinity. The event follows a future vision for designers who have the opportunity to present their work to the world and show their vision, beliefs and aesthetics. With the first Fashion Week in Morocco, a new era of fashion shows was born. A place for brands, designers and creators to showcase their work.

André Tirlet

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