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Sarah Baghdadi and Caroline Bertorello are two board game enthusiasts. Considering that other municipalities of the territory have dedicated their association to this pastime, but not Villeneuve, they have created Villeneuve Lez Jeux, which organizes a meeting once a month “Playing together”, open to everyone, from children to seniors, beginners or advanced. Board games of all kinds, modern like Pertatette, Pandemic…

But also traditional: Belote, Tarot, Scrabble®, chess, individual or collective, educational, competitive, collaborative, semi-cooperative… Games that are no longer just about winning or losing, but about thinking, about strategy prompt, mutual help, coincidence, but also sometimes with…

First meeting this Sunday October 9th

Games derived from TV series that complement computer games, some illustrated by renowned designers, with multiple interpretations, others “of which you are the hero”, where there is no winner but everyone has an adventure. The meetings are facilitated by Caroline and Sarah to explain the rules to novices. The two young women were present at the club day and their project was met with great enthusiasm by both die-hard players and newcomers alike.

For the first meetings, Sarah and Caroline provide their own games.

Little by little they want to acquire some for the association in order to offer the services of a toy library in the long term. Of course they are always on the lookout for novelties and they also attend the Salon des jeux de société in Cannes every year.

The first meeting will take place on Sunday, October 9th, in the Salle Frédéric-Mistral, from 2pm to 6pm. The next meeting will be on Friday November 18th from 7pm to 10.30pm in the conference room Sarah and Caroline will also lead a workshop during the Polar Festival, determined to include their activities in the events of the community or in other associations (Téléthon, AGV, El Manantial…).

Reservations are not currently required to attend these meetings. You just have to join the association (discounted rates for families) or pay the amount of €3 per person for the session. “Restriction Only”, says Sarah don’t cheat unless it’s in the rules of the game” !

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