#MeToo, science too?

On October 5, 2017, the #Metoo wave was born. What about science five years later?

#MeToo, all these women have denounced the sexual abuse of those in power. A movement that has influenced cinema, theatre, sport, media, politics… But what about the scientific sphere? Even if the research environment and the higher echelons of the university are not free of violence, the allegations of abuse in this area, where women remain particularly underrepresented, do not seem to have had the same basis.

#MeToo, science too?

We are happy to receive Adele Combs, Doctor of Neurobiology and author of the book “How the university crushes young researchers”, published by editions differently last January, May MorrisCNRS Research Director at the IPMM and member of the association Women & Science and Marianne BlanchardLecturer in sociology at the University of Toulouse, specializing in university sociology.

Today’s report

Meeting with Agnès Netter, former director of the Mission for the Place of Women at CNRS and co-author of a Study published in 2019 nature of human behavior on gender stereotypes in scientific research. How can these stereotypes be evaluated and what measures can be taken at the research institute level? From Antoine Beauchamp:


6 minutes

Documentary Resources

Find the string of the day’s program on La Science’s Twitter feed, CQFD.

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Attacks on women’s productivity in science. The case of an ecology laboratory in Quebec published in “Work, Gender and Society” (Cairninfo, 2022)

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Women who changed the world

Nobel Prize: Women (still) underrepresented in the list of laureates (Franceinfo, 2021)

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Publish – Girl + Science = An Unsolvable Equation? published by CEPREMAP

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