Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: Additional monsters, new weapons… The third free update is coming and it’s coming soon!

Game news Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: Additional monsters, new weapons… The third free update is coming and it’s coming soon!

True cardboard for Capcom, Monster Hunter Rise has not yet finished talking about him through his Sunbreak expansion. And that’s an understatement given that a third update will be deployed in just a few days.

Never two without three!

While Capcom has just taken stock of its latest sales, Monster Hunter Rise still finds its place in the top 3 and also owes its success to the Sunbreak expansion, which has sold more than 4 million copies. Since its release last June on PC and Nintendo Switch Monster Hunt continues to grow, especially thanks to two batches of free DLC. As a matter of fact, A first update came mainly to sign the return of certain legendary monsters last August. Capcom chooses the Tokyo Game Show 2022 stage in September to let go the release of a second free update that introduces other monsters but also a special weapon systemamong other.

But as the expression says, “never two without three” thereA third update was announced yesterday through a digital event. Not only is it coming soon, but it also exemplifies its free content through a brand new trailer that you can discover in our player above or via the Capcom France tweet below.

Lady Fiorayne has spoken!

If you are planning to hunt monsters near Elgado Outpost starting November 24th, be careful because Three new monsters will be prowling around in their enraged variants: Chaos Gore Magala, Awakened Teostra, and Awakened Kushala Daora. As a result, you can craft with certain materials new gear with unique abilities.

On the side of the Paragons, They can now join you in master rank quests, but also in investigations (whose cap goes to level 200) and anomaly quests, including new ones that are planned.

In stock, new paid DLCs will also be available : Emotes, sticker sets, music, voices for the characters, a set of special “Hinoa” hunter armor or even special plush weapons…etc.

Everything is therefore expected for November 24th., so much to say that it will happen quickly. Also note that a new roadmap has been unveiled, revealing in particular the arrival of two major updates. The fourth in question is scheduled to arrive in winter 2023, while the fifth wave of additional content is planned for next spring.

as a reminder Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is available for PC and Nintendo Switch.

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