“My companion had just died”: Charlotte Rampling faced the controversy with moving statements

Her British accent has captivated all French directors for almost 50 years: Charlotte Rampling is an actress who has seen everything in the cinema. And whether she’s starring in blockbusters or auteur films, the actress has never lost her openness, even if she regrets some of her words from time to time. And one of his phrases in particular, uttered in 2016.

At the time, the Essex-born comedian was nominated for an Oscar for her role in the film 45 years old and can make history by winning a long-awaited statuette. But nothing is going well privately: a few months earlier, his partner Jean-Noël Tassez died. Amid an emotional storm, she opens up about calls to boycott Oscar night 2016 over a lack of diversity.

Referring to “anti-white racism,” she creates controversy with a very borderline explanation. “Maybe black actors don’t deserve to be on the home stretch?‘ she wonders in particular, while saying she’s opposed to imposing quotas on minorities.’Why classify people? They feel like a minority, they think “we are black actors and we don’t exist enough”. There are always problems: he’s less handsome, he’s too black, he’s too white… So we’re going to say, “We’re going to classify all this to create a lot of minorities everywhere?”

Words that she soon regretted and for which she had already apologized. “I regret that my comments could have been misinterpreted in my interview with Europe 1 this week. I just wanted to say that in an ideal world, all performances would be considered equal opportunities. I’m honored to be part of the wonderful group of actors and actresses nominated this year.‘ she told CBS News.

A difficult time for her

While she eventually left empty-handed, she remembers with particular bitterness what she said then… and regrets it now. In the interview at Paris match This Thursday she also admitted, “packed up“.”Jean-Noël, my companion, had just died‘ she reasoned herself.

I was glorious on that Oscar road, well maybe. A shrink told me afterwards that I had reacted to the event. You say anything to anyone, it comes suddenly, the moment seems unbearable. It was early but I never do interviews in the morning. I immediately regretted it and knew what was to come“, she then admitted. In any case, for her now no more nonsense and only cinema!

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