Nano, the little robot

A nanorobot, MiGriBOt, has just broken a world record and can manipulate objects as small as a cell. How did we manage to miniaturize the machines?

When we think of a robot, we generally think of a gear, an automated arm, a chip, a battery, R2-D2, or even the Terminator. Over the past 30 years, microrobotics and then nanorobotics have made unprecedented advances in technological miniaturization. So much so that today they allow us to deepen our knowledge and mastery of the infinitely small. And pushes us to rethink the way we design robotics.

Nano the little robot

We are happy to receive Redwan Dahmouche, Director of the international Masters program in Robotics and Control at the University of Bourgogne Franche-ComtĂ© and leader of the research team in Robotics, Modeling and Control (RoMoCo) at the FEMTO-ST and Cedric ClevyLeader of the research team “Micro and Nanorobotics” at the FEMTO-ST Institute and co-leader of the thematic research group “Multi-Scale Manipulation” of the CNRS Robotics Research Group.

Today’s report

Enabling an operator to work with the utmost dexterity with microscopic objects is no easy task. Therefore, one of the current challenges in microrobotics research is to develop systems that allow this type of manipulation between two scales: the cellular scale and that of the operator. The basic technique for processing this type of sample is to use needles or pipettes under a microscope. But how can you robotize all of this? Meet with Sinan Haliyo, Head of the Multi-Scale Interactions team at ISIR – Sorbonne University. Through Noemie Naguet from Saint Vulfran.


8 minutes

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Headline of the day: I made myself very small by Mustang

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