Need For Speed ​​​​is revealed in this leaked anime

A few hours before its official announcement, Need For Speed ​​​​Unbound reveals us its first images in an amazing leak.

The internet world is definitely not forgiving of video game studios. After Rockstar and the huge GTA 6 leak, it’s EA’s turn to undergo the same treatment, to a lesser extent of course. The company preparing to kick off the celebrations surrounding their next game Need speedShe was amazed and the first unofficial pictures of the game are already circulating.

It is on Twitter that the information is shared, starting from the Japanese site Neowing, although this October 6 should rather be marked by the announcement of the game in good and due form. The shared images reveal to us a radically different game universe than what we have known in the past, especially after the summer socializing of Need for Speed ​​​​Heat.

We see bright colors, custom cars spinning in the night, as well as a very Japanese aesthetic that makes us think of an anime. This is more noticeable in the patterns on one of the cars and in the character design. At the moment, nothing confirms us that these images will be the essence of the racing game, but given the increasing importance of anime fashion, this artistic choice would not be so surprising.

To find out more – and officially – EA gives us an appointment today at 5 p.m. on its YouTube channel for a first trailer, which we are impatiently waiting for. It must be said that the studio has many things to prove to fans of the franchise Need speed but also to all the players who have been disappointed with their development choices lately. We will not return to the fiasco of Battlefield 2042but many players hope this experience has taught them a lesson.

During the announcement, EA should confirm the title Need For Speed ​​Unbound which was also leaked a few months ago. And since it will be available in 2022, we should be entitled to the exact release date, which some believe is December 2nd. case follows.

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