Neymar, prettier in a mobile game than FIFA 23?

Gaming News Neymar, prettier in a mobile game than FIFA 23?

World football star Neymar Jr. is known for his talent that often makes the difference on the field and finds his place in FIFA 23, the latest football game from Electronic Arts. On the other hand, how about finding him in the middle of battles between mechs? If at first glance the idea seems atypical to us, however, this is the case since Neymar arrives in Mech Arena, a shooter on mobile. Even funnier? He looks better than in FIFA 23.

Neymar in a mech?

Mech Arena is only available on mobile devices (Android and iOS) and is presented as a PvP shooter and features clashes with mechs. Enter the arena in your very own mech, armed to the teeth and equipped with special abilities to take on other players different game modes and further more than twenty different maps. Developed and published by Plarium, the studio has excelled in the development of free-to-play games for mobile and PC since its inception in 2009. With millions of players worldwide, He even quickly became the world leader in the industry, signing Mech Arena in 2021, her latest game. Then recently The studio have signed a partnership with NR Sports, opening the door to a world-renowned star on the football field who is none other than Neymar Jr himself.

Neymar Jr highlighted on all counts

It is through a trailer of barely a minute (visible above) that Neymar Jr. reveals himself to be an ambassador for Mech ArenaHe trades his gym clothes for a brighter jacket and a mech, the soccer field for a battle arena, and the ball for missiles. you would have understood Neymar Jr. goes from soccer player to mech pilot, the time of a game of Mech Arena thanks to the latest update of the game. Widely regarded as one of the best soccer players in the world, Neymar Jr. inspired his character mostly through his style and approach on the pitch. On the skills side, his character borrows all his power and skill on the pitch to develop damage and speed increasing abilities.

Neymar, prettier in a mobile game than FIFA 23?

A partnership that surprises at first sight, but the two parties seem enthusiastic about their small collaboration. On the one hand, Ronen Gross, Vice President of Business Development at Plarium says:

We are honored and excited to have such exceptional talent as a pilot in Mech Arena. Neymar Jr. is one of the best athletes in the world. His professionalism and will to win made us choose him as he fits the spirit of the game. Working with him was a real pleasure and we can’t wait for our players to enjoy Neymar’s Pilot Jr.

For his part, Neymar Jr says:

I love video games as much as I love soccer, so combining the two to create a character with my skills and style in Mech Arena was an amazing experience. I can’t wait to join my fans and help take their game to the next level. See you in the arena!

And that’s not all… The icing on the cake for the Brazilian footballer, His modeling seems to be more successful in Mech Arena than in FIFA 23. Funny knowing that the Electronic Arts soccer game was released on September 30th on all platforms including the new generation of consoles, so 2022 vs 2021 for Mech Arena, only playable on mobileā€¦

Neymar, prettier in a mobile game than FIFA 23?Neymar, prettier in a mobile game than FIFA 23?

Finally, notice that The Neymar Jr. character will be available to all players for free after seven days of signing up, with Mech Arena available for free on Android and iOS.

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