Nintendo: No more nudity in adult games!

Game news Nintendo: No more nudity in adult games!

In this daily newspaper’s program of October 06, 2022, we begin with the approval of the Brazilian regulator regarding the acquisition of Activision Blizzard. Then Nintendo cracked down on nudity and hentai gaming and the Rings of Power series could have ended up on Netflix. The daily, let’s go!

Nintendo takes action against nudity in video games!

The Nintendo Switch appealed to gamers who love family games and has its own store: the eShop. External developers can offer their games and this is the case with publisher Gamuzumi who publishes adult games. However, the latest Hot Tentacles Shoot title doesn’t pass for Nintendo due to uncensored boobs and lewd content. The policy of the eShop has visibly changed and censors adult games. Publishers specializing in hentai must therefore censor their games if they want to continue offering them on Nintendo’s hybrid.

Activision Blizzard acquisition is progressing!

The Redemption ofActivision Blizzard there was a lot of talk. With the decisive $ 68.7 billion, it will be the largest buyout in history. Activision is the number 1 publisher with a fairly extensive catalog and some fear a monopoly and in particular on the Call of Duty license. The acquisition is not yet validated, but progress is beginning to be made thanks to the validation of the transaction by the Brazilian regulator. This transaction would boost sales of Xbox consoles and would not hamper PlayStation, which is already very solid in its catalog and consoles. With a view to the competition, the takeover is therefore unproblematic and has thus been validated.

The Rings of Power series could have ended up on Netflix!

series Rings of Power is the series you can watch now on Amazon Prime Video. If the series covers events that have never been adapted for cinema, it is not the only one proposed in the Tolkien universe. The information comes from The Hollywood Reporterstating that other SVOD giants have tried their luck. We find HBO with a remake of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Netflix also offers several series, one revolves around Gandalf and the other around Aragorn. But everything was rejected.

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