Obsessed, Victor Wembanyama beats an even crazier match and brings the USA to its knees!

Too big, too strong, too talented, too everything. Great as Boulogne-Levallois defeated G-League Ignite, Victor Wembanyama delivered a new world-class result. Two days after his 37-point card, the Frenchman cemented his status as an absolute nugget by showing off his talent in the eyes of the world. And the United States wants more.

He was expected, he answered in attendance. Despite an increased Ignite defense against him, Victor Wembanyama released an incredible performance that Thursday night, another. His stat line? 36 points on 11/24 shooting, 11 rebounds, 4 blocks, 4 assists and +/- of +24.

Victor Wembanyama continues to amaze and release stunning moves

Scoot Henderson quickly injured himself after contact with Wemby and was forced to leave his partners. All the spotlight was on the Frenchman, who responded by going even further than in the previous meeting. Aside from its impact and the statistics mentioned, nothing beats pictures of this outrageous reign. Alley-oop, ultra-difficult shots and the like: have fun below.

VIctor Wembanyama makes it look easy as he scores that absurd three-point shot on the move as he makes contact. This shot demonstrates his footwork and exceptional body control. We’ve never seen a player of this size come close to doing what he does.

Do you want more ? So let’s go. How about a good yard pullup behind the three-point line at the Stephen Curry ? Bank. And a poster dunk to finish? Come on, sold.

For the road, know that it was Wembanyama again who intercepted the hit in the final seconds…

If the Mets won one game and lost another together, with a record 50%, this American mini-tour will have been a colossal success for Victor Wembanyama on an individual level. Its name is on everyone’s lips now in the United States, with one certainty: it’s a potential future giant set to land in the NBA next spring. The best is yet to come.

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