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Finally available for free on all platforms, will Overwatch 2 be reborn from its ashes for a real comeback? We will give you the answer in our test.

The Overwatch first-person shooter finally arrives in its 2.0 version and is now called Overwatch 2. Unfortunately, the story mode or cooperative mode (players versus environment) is not present, but many changes have been made to Blizzard’s shooter (FPS).

A simple Overwatch update?

Is Overwatch 2’s competitive mode just an update? We’ll tend to confirm these remarks as this isn’t a major mode change. As a matter of fact, Overwatch 2 as we know it today is not the final version of the game and rather modernizes the first version of the title. While there’s a new game mode called Advanced that brings a breath of fresh air to competitive play with the new 5 vs 5 composition, the basics remain the same, with plenty of heroes and the existing maps almost unchanged. To better seduce This major update is considered a standalone gamewhile its main mode (Player versus Environment) does not yet have an exact release date but is still planned for 2023.

Nevertheless, we will emphasize an effort for new card and hero designsto get much closer to the quality expected for 2022. Let’s not forget that Overwatch was released in 2016, so a small redesign wasn’t dismissed. It’s indeed nice to see familiar heroes with a new style and/or range of abilities.. Also note that the rework of certain characters and the arrival of new champions is very pleasant.

But relevant news

Despite the fact that this is a major update and not a standalone new game, there are positives to note, including additions that are nice to look at. Let’s start with the three heroines that will be added to our character select screen.

During the beta periods, players could try out two of the new heroines, namely: the Junkersqueen and Sojourn. Everyone has been welcomed with open arms by the community and will benefit from all-new gameplay mechanics.

Until then, Sojourn is considered a pretty standard character, with abilities that don’t revolutionize shooting games. To put it simply, it resembles Soldier: 76 and Fatale in several ways. But you can remember that“A lot of work has been done on the Queen of Junkers. She is undeniably a good character and in many ways. Her tank position (the one that takes the damage) allows you to increase the range of heroes from the same category, and offers a unique gameplay that drastically changes the player’s point of view during the game: she benefits from a power combined with a Life flight is associated with accumulation of bleeding. The Junkertown Ruler is very aggressive and turns out to be a secondary tantk in melee combat, which could discourage opponents from getting too close as she can steal health from her.

Continuing this momentum, Blizzard offers a new support character: Kiriko. This young woman, part of the group called Yokaï, uses the knowledge of her mother (the Way of Blades) and her grandmother (the Spirit of the Fox) to forge her own path. By mixing these two trainings, therefore, we have a subtle mix between the camouflage that his teleportation offers to his allies, the offensive with his kunai that can kill in two shots any character with 200 life points, and the support with his various spells and talismans. Protection. She will be able to repel many Zone Ultimate Attacks, especially those from Bastion, Jackal, and Pharah. Unlike some coaches Kiriko is very resilient, able to survive in many situations and will be able to help her allies in various ways.

Taking control of this heroine won’t necessarily be easy, because you need to understand how to use her Protection Suzu (talisman that makes her invulnerable for a few seconds) and know the range of her quick stride (her teleportation to a allied character). and especially her Rush of Kistune (his ultimate attack). But with a little practice it should work.

Its mechanics are completely innovative for Overwatch and Each of the heroines comes to power the playstyles in Overwatch 2. The trends in terms of the different metas, meaning a selection of characters that are played more because they are stronger than others, seem to have changed completely and this is a phenomenon that can also be observed in the Overwatch League. These characters are clearly beneficial to the game and we hope the developers will continue down this path.

The developers have made many changes with Overwatch 2 : We can already highlight the fully modified UI to provide players with much more information, especially with the scoreboard or the ping system (pointing to a precise spot on the screen), allowing for better communication. The new maps that come with Overwatch 2 are well designed and rich in areas of conflict, enough to add a little extra pressure with the composition in 5 vs 5 players, giving more dynamic to the games. However, all the good things that have been produced are being spoiled by a troubling economic model.

A strange economic system?

Unfortunately, joy can quickly turn into frustration, since Overwatch 2’s business model changes drastically, especially for older players. Also, this update doesn’t seem to be the best way to welcome new players.

Overwatch 2: Blizzard's finest shooter?

Many players winced when they discovered a Battle Pass with Overwatch 2. If the latter was purely for cosmetic purposes, like that of Temtem or many others, the crowd wouldn’t have been upset. However, the pass is relatively cheap and offers lush character models, especially with its Mythic skins.

Overwatch 2: Blizzard's finest shooter?

Except that in Overwatch 2 the recipe turns out to be completely different: New heroes cannot be played immediately after their release, but only after reaching a certain level of the Battle Pass. Even if Kiriko is given to old Overwatch players, new ones have to climb no less than 55 levels to unlock them, more than half of the pass. Therefore, to increase these levels, Blizzard implemented a system of challenges: Daily, Weekly and Seasonal. The challenges are simple, but require a certain variety of roles, because just playing Ange or Torbjörn won’t help you level up quickly.

However, the developers aren’t putting the new heroes into competitive games right away, to give time for players who don’t want to spend a penny on the game to unlock them. The effort is commendable, however The overall functionality of this Battle Pass is a real downer, especially for those who knew the old system. Despite everything, it must be said that with this the operation is complete and that obtaining a hero is complete thanks to our game time.

You’ll have to spend a little time playing to unlock the hero you want, although we would have preferred a free currency by completing various very specific missions. Only, The “Step up” option clouds this feature, which could have soothed hearts, because indeed for a few euros you can get the new hero you want as soon as it is released, at least for quick games when it arrives. This is still a nice tip, because if the new hero turns out to be too strong and popular, your competitive games will have a different flavor due to the cash players (players who spend without counting) who have had time to play with them work out. upstream.

To compensate for the free player vs. player game mode, the community is saying goodbye to chest draws initially achieved through leveling up or during seasonal events. From now on you will either have to buy the Battle Pass or invest in one of the famous packs from the store that contain new cosmetic items. Nevertheless, Players who want to play for free can get certain rewards in the famous Battle Pass : 2 epic skins, 1 weapon charm, 2 souvenirs, 1 stage entry, prestige rank title and 14 additional items like emotes, tagg, voiceline etc. It’s not extraordinary but there are always some outfits to wear.

Overwatch, the first of the name, has been paid for, this second installment is free, so paying for certain things today is understandable. However, The fact that Overwatch is becoming accessible to all brings with it some issues and questions that don’t sit well with new players : we are talking about First Experience Users here. But what is it?

Overwatch 2: Blizzard's finest shooter?

These are some restrictions for new players who have never bought or played Overwatch before. Previously, you had to have a level 25 account to play ranked games, but this operation has been removed along with account levels. Players now need to win no fewer than 50 quick matches to gain access to ranked matches.

This practice is not inherently bad since it allows avoiding new smurf accounts (experienced player trying to harm others by creating a new account to spoil the games in the small ranks) and then especially new ones Helps players get their hands on different heroes. which is fundamental to winning your hands and getting better. But the real problem is that newbies have to play no less than 100 quick games before they can unlock all the old characters released from 2016 till now.”’

Overwatch 2: Blizzard's finest shooter?


strong points

  • Very successful new heroines
  • Interesting interface change, especially for the scoreboard or personal progress
  • Very well designed cards
  • A future that looks rosy

weak points

  • Overwatch 2 is more of a major improvement than a new game
  • Economic system that can disappoint old players
  • New players a little too penalized

At the moment, Overwatch 2 cannot be considered as a new game in its own right, but is positioned much more as a huge content update. The title in its full version will really see the light of day when the story mode is released. However, it remains an addictive and very well thought out shooter with heroes just as interesting and lovable as the rest. Thanks to a variety of mechanics to master, it knows how to please both experienced players and casual players. Even if the Battle Pass turns out to be a big gray area, the new features are really attractive and offer great perspectives for the community.


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