Perrine (Love is in thewiese) responds to criticism and denounces the editing of the M6 ​​show

In the wake of Love is in the meadow Broadcast this Monday October 3rd on M6, Perrine scolded which not all viewers liked. Sebastien’s contender responds to them on Instagram this Wednesday October 5th.

She picks up a pen to respond to criticism. In the previous episode of Love is in the meadowbroadcast this Monday October 3rd on M6 was Perrine at the heart of a quarrel with Sébastien and Léa. Only after a remark to her competitor, who really didn’t understand it well, did a conflict break out in the car. Arriving at the restaurant, the young woman asked to speak to the Corsican farmer for five minutes, who transformed in an hour and unleashed the wrath of Perrine. While this eventful evening had already led to a subtle reaction from the young woman on her social networks, she spoke up this Wednesday, October 5th, to respond to a criticism directed at her.

A user criticizes Perrine and her behavior towards Léa

Alongside a post showing Perrine beaming next to a friend, a surfer named Jacqueline wrote that she wondered what the young woman was.came to do on this show“. She adds : his behavior towards the complainer [Léa, N.D.L.R.] wasn’t always super cool“. That message obviously didn’t get to Perrine, who replied: “Holy mentality to come here to do your viper comment. Look elsewhere, you have nothing to do here“. The story could have ended there, but the netizen made the decision to respond to Sébastien’s contender, stressing that she had not been “the only one who noticed that you’re not cool“about you Behavior towards the other young woman“, aka Leah.

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Perrine talks about editing Love is in the meadow

that you [veniez] criticize here yes it’s not super cool. […] I’m sick of the shortcuts some people can takeyou can understand that, right?‘ Perrine replies, who then says a short sentence about the broadcast of the show.The montages of the beginning are certainly not to my advantage, but if I had been a nuisance like you say, I could have published exchanges of opinion that would have influenced certain opinions, which I have not done. In short, you are entitled to think what you want, but come here on my profile on purpose, and also a post unrelated to the show, I find it a bit borderline‘ she wrote politely, wishing for one “Have a good day” to this internet user who may now regret his comment.

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