Plus Belle la Vie – ‘It’s So Hard’, ‘I’m Devastated’, ‘Awful This Episode’, ‘He Was Everyone’s Dad’: Fans of the series are upset by the departure of Roland Marci

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Viewers living more beautifully have lost their grandfather. Last night the famous bar owner of the Mistral Roland Marci died of complications from a heart attack. In the episode of this Tuesday, October 4th, broadcast on France 3 at 8:20 p.m., all the protagonists of the district woke up devastated. Her latest tribute on the Place du Mistral rocked Twitter.

Roland Marci, former bar owner with a big heart, is probably one of Plus Belle la Vie’s emblematic figures. The grandpa, played by actor Michel Cordes, also appeared in the first episodes in 2004, alongside his companion at the time, the equally emblematic Mirta Torres. A few weeks before the series’ scheduled end on November 18th, the writers made the surprising and symbolic decision to eliminate this character. He suffered a fatal heart attack yesterday after playing ball with his great-grandson Mathis. A scene that had already caused many emotions on Twitter.

On this Tuesday, October 4th, 2022, all of Mistral woke up stunned by the terrible news. The first picture of the episode, with the caption “Closed Due to Death” on the Mistral bar, threw the neighborhood into a deafening silence. When asked by her stepdaughter Sunalee, it was Luna Torres, ex-stepdaughter of Roland Marci, who had the most moving words to say about him: “It was like my dad, plus it was the dad of everyone here. It’s the end of an era, at least that’s how I feel, he was so much the soul of this neighborhood.”

“I don’t have enough words to express my pain”

On Twitter, many Internet users agreed with him. Not only did some feel like they were losing, just like her, who was their father or grandfather for 18 years, but many also realized that the end of the series would mark a real turning point in their lives.

A few minutes later, another scene broke their hearts even more: a delivery man appeared near Mirta’s house with a bouquet of flowers. It was in fact a last thoughtfulness from the deceased to who, for a long time, was the woman of his life. “Thank you for this thread that never broke between us,” indicated the word that slipped in. In fact, the former two maintained very good relations after their split.

While Baptiste, Roland’s grandson, pondered how best to announce his death to little Mathis, who had played ball with him the day before, François, one of the sons of the deceased, was filled with regret. . “I can’t stop thinking, you can’t know everything I would have liked to have said to him, asked him, done with him and I would have liked to have asked his forgiveness for everything,” confided his ex-wife to someone who was with had long disagreed with his father. On Twitter, tears flowed in the comments throughout the episode. And the last scene, in which the residents of the Mistral paid homage to Roland by meeting in the square with a candle in their hands, completely overwhelmed all the “children of the Mistral” young and old…

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