PUBG: Battlegrounds and New State, a collaboration with Dead by Daylight announced

In the midst of shooter games, a title stands out for its consistent success, Dead by daylight. The multiplayer horror game at playing style asymmetrical of behavior interactive has been a hit for more than six years and He will celebrate Halloween with another community that the player of PUBG.

Krafton just announced a collaboration with behavior Provide Dead by Daylight content in PUBG: Battlegrounds and PUBG: New Statewith in particular cosmetic elements to camouflage themselves Murderer for Halloween. Here’s what players can expect:


  • Get ready for the hunt: From October 19th to December 7th on PC and from October 20th to December 8th on consoles, the collaboration with Dead by Daylight will offer PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS players the opportunity to purchase themed cosmetic items, including:
    • Suits (x4 sets);
    • masks (x4);
    • backpack skins (x3);
    • animal skin ;
    • Type label.
  • Survive the hunt to earn exclusive event rewards: The collaboration with Dead by Daylight allows players to experience the game’s iconic, terrifying hide-and-seek. Four players, including one killer and three survivors, can participate in the event by accessing it from the in-game menu banner. The three survivors must use their wits and skills to avoid the killer using basic Dead by Daylight mechanics. Survivors can throw objects to distract the killer and must repair generators around the map to power the exit doors in order to escape. From October 21st to November 7th, players can earn rewards by completing the following missions:
    • Play Dead by Daylight once and get a Lone Survivor “Dwight Unknown” outfit code to use in Dead by Daylight;
    • Play the Dead by Daylight mode five times to get a game-related spray.
    • Get 10 kills as a Killer and get the mask of The Nurse (Dead by Daylight character).

PUBG Dead by Daylight 2


  • Killer costume for Halloween: During this year’s collaboration, players can get exclusive Dead by Daylight cosmetic items to add some horror to their Halloween costumes. From October 20th to November 23rd, Dead by Daylight-style in-game items and collaboration boxes will be available to all players. Stay tuned for more information on the Dead by Daylight and NEW STATE MOBILE partnership.

The players from PUBG will therefore be able to spend a scary Halloween in the coming days. as a reminder both Battle Royale are play for freewhile Dead by daylight will be resold for €9.99 gaming planet.

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