Refineries still blocked, a strike ‘anchored in time’

It’s the 11the Strike day at the country’s two largest refineries, TotalEnergies and ExxonMobil, both located in Normandy. As a result, 15% of service stations lack at least one fuel, explains Olivier Véran this Friday, October 7, 2022, and users fear the shortage. However, according to Thierry Defresne, CGT secretary of TotalEnergies’ European works council, the company would not have done so “No contact with union representatives”he explained at the microphone RMC this Friday.

A 10% wage increase

“We’re not here to annoy people, assures the trade unionist. We are here to show Total that employees are unhappy because there is no asset allocation in this company. » He also presented the demands of the striking TotalEnergies employees: “We are calling for a 10% salary increase, 7% in relation to inflation and 3% linked to an increase in purchasing power, explains the CGT secretary. We also call for an investment plan in France and the hiring of precarious colleagues at TotalEnergies sites. »

One renewal chosen every day, “the strike is anchored in time”

Sentiment is rising in Hauts-de-France, where 30% of petrol stations are affected by fuel shortages. If the situation worsened, the prefecture announced that it would proceed with the targeted requisitions “to oblige, by prefectural decree, certain petrol stations previously open to the general public to supply fuel only to priority vehicles”.

Xavier Bertrand speaks of “Requisition”

Xavier Bertrand, president of the region, appreciated france info that the government should have “Shake off the threat of requisition”. “The right to strike is constitutional, he repeated But one thing is certain, it must not stand in the way of the continuity of public services. »

However, according to the CGT secretary, “TotalEnergies employees use a completely legal and the only means available to them, the right to strike. » If he remembers that every morning the workforce votes to extend the strike, that’s his opinion “dedicated to anchoring in time”.

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