Riot Games and Ubisoft are teaming up to counteract toxic online behavior with AI

Video games are increasingly finding their way into homes around the world. According to Statista, there are just over a billion online gamers worldwide, a number that could rise to 1.2 billion by 2027. This growing surge is leading to larger and larger online gaming communities. And then there’s the problem of moderation. If a limited number of users can be regulated manually (as in forums), this is the case for games such as e.g. B. not the case League of Legends Where Rainbow Six Siege, which bring together several million players. Publishers must therefore use artificial intelligence capable of recognizing toxic behavior on the internet.

In this perspective of automated moderation, Ubisoft and Riot Games are joining forces as part of the “Zero Harm in Comms – Zero nuisance dans les comment en français” project. That is a “technological partnership to develop an anonymous database to better train artificial intelligence systemsAccording to the Riot Games press release. In fact, if the AIs are able to spot toxic behavior, players are also able to bypass the systems in place.

The players in the middle have to start the machine

This association is also motivated by a desire to curb the toxic environment associated with online gaming and the various forms of harassment that result from it. The two companiesbelieve that improving the social dynamics of online gaming will only be possible through communication, collaboration and the combined efforts of all players in the gaming industry“. In other words, the sanitation of virtual communities must first come from the game makers.

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Behind Zero Harm in Comms lies an ambitious artificial intelligence project”be able to understand the general meaning of an online game in its contextYves Jacquier, Executive Director at Ubisoft La Forge, told BFM Tech&Co. An artificial intelligence trained to detect various abusive and toxic behaviors based on databases. The project aims to be altruistic as the objective is to develop tools and share them with other actors in the sector. Ubisoft and Riot Games also commit to sharing “the lessons learned from their first phase of experimentation across the industry over the next year, regardless of the outcome.

Knights are far from white as snow

Born from the union of big names in the video game industry, this commendable project could lead the way for other players in the industry. It would still be necessary for the heads of the figureheads on this issue to set an example, particularly on the part of Ubisoft, which has employees within certain studios who are known and convicted of abusive behavior. This is the case with Ubisoft Montreal, for example, which has seen many departures from developers working closest Assassin’s Creed after being named director of the project by Jonathan Dumont, who has been regularly accused of harassment since 2020.

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