seventeen men tried in Paris

The trial of seventeen people charged with aggravated online harassment of singer Eddy de Pretto opened on Monday October 3 in the Paris Criminal Court. The young defendants, aged 20 to 26, are being charged with the hateful and homophobic cyber harassment of the singer – who was present in the front row at the hearing – after a concert he gave at the Saint-Eustache church in Paris, brought before the court again. in June 2021. Arrested across France in March 2022, the seventeen defendants are described as “Basic Catholics” by the lawyer of the association Stop Homophie in publication.

Eddy de Pretto performed his piece at the invitation of the Qui va piano va sano festival What’s the point He recalls the difficulties in reconciling homosexuality and religion. “I don’t think I’m ready to obey your Bible (…) I know what you like, I don’t think I’ve read the right books / But you’ll tell me, ‘No, that’s too much, you are not healthy enough” / To be accepted into your ranks, you must have done almost nothing”At that time he had sung Eddy de Pretto.

Provoke these themes in a church itself? “I fully accept it (…) I don’t understand what the problem is that I’m a sodomite singing in a churchShe launched the singer, called into the bar. It was my desire as an artist to ask questions about crucial and big issues. I didn’t think there could be such negative feedback. »

By the end of his Instagram performance, he had received almost 3,000 insults and death threats on social media, his lawyer Nicolas Verly confirmed at the hearing. “You giant fag”, “We’ll find you for your lack of respect, son of a bitch”, “Die in Hell you dirty dog”, “I will rape you in a mosque with a broom”For example, according to Internet users, she had written screenshots that were posted on the singer’s Instagram account.

Hate speech, which prompted him to hire the services of a bodyguard and file a complaint, sparked an investigation launched by the Paris Public Prosecutor’s Office of the National Pole for Combating Hate Online (PLNH). “I was very afraid to leave my house, had trouble sleeping, (…) depressive disorders, I could not understand this violence”said the singer again, noting that the priest of Saint-Eustache had told him “expressed his full support”.

The defendants – twelve present, five absent – are convicted as leaders of online harassment with total disability (ITT) for more than eight days and online harassment with ITT for more than eight days, committed because of the sexual orientation of the victim.

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