“Some episodes are very bad, but others are great”

Don’t call Maxime or Rudy, they’ve had other things to do in the past few weeks than answer you. These fans of call of Duty Sand, the new opus of the very lucrative series by Activision Blizzard since October 28, Modern Warfare II. You must also find the time to try the free battle royale that comes with this new episode. Warzone 2.0that the famous American publisher put online this Thursday evening

Because at Activision Blizzard, we’re not done serving you call of Duty. To Super Mario and tetris, the famous first person shooter (FPS) is the third best-selling video game series of all time. What if it was earned? And if call of Duty was quite simply the best FPS in video game history? 20 Minutes asked regulars of this famous war game to tell us why they love it so much. And for others to tell us why they avoid it.

“Real war is no fun”

For Rudy, a “player of the first hour”, call of Duty, it’s the best, there’s no doubt about that. “Activision Blizzard has found the recipe to outperform its competitors and is by far the best FPS out there right now! “, he notices. Karl agrees. And it even lists “the strengths” that have propelled it to the top of first-person shooters. In particular, the player mentions “the edginess of the gameplay”, “the visual and auditory feedback on hits, bumps, surfaces and materials”, “the feeling” of really impersonating the soldiers in action, and the sound, “intense and immersive”. . And the multiplayer mode, a reference, adds Hamidou.

Aleks, he is amazed to see how this game has managed to arouse so many emotions, “and still does so at home at the peak of my 35 years. The realism is getting more and more convincing, down to the detail that you can fix your vehicle in case of a problem like changing a tire. “I enjoy it, and medium-sized cards are what make the game successful,” Py testifies. The possibilities are almost limitless with the number of weapons and attachments. » Realism that many crazy people have call of Duty Greetings, be better dosed than with other FPS licenses, some emphasize. “I had tested battlefield ‘, Electronic Arts’ historic rival, ‘but I didn’t hang it because it was too realistic,’ explains Py. And real war is no fun.

“Some are very bad”, others “great”

Discovered Maxim call of Duty in 2009. He plays “every day, or almost, at least two, even three hours”. If that player was immediately hooked, it’s because of “historical events found in specific works.” A bias that, moreover, has caused several episodes of the series to be the subject of controversy. for Maxim, call of Duty is “pretty realistic, fast paced and pretty, visually speaking”. But not all episodes are created equal, he notes. “Some are very bad in my opinion. But there are some that are terrific,” says the player who particularly liked it world at war (2008), black ops (2010) and Modern Warfare (2019), his “big favourite”. ” That Modern Warfare are very realistic,” and that’s their forte, Maxime notes. So yes, battlefieldthe historical rival of call of DutyShe is also “very realistic, if not even more realistic”. But Electronic Art’s hit “is very slow, like a game. I find it boring.”

An Activision Blizzard employee tests a version of Call of Duty in 2022. — Allison Dinner/AP/SIPA

If he is a regular player, also from call of DutyHowever, since 2003, Thibault has been sorting out what spawned the saga.” call of Duty was at the time of Modern Warfare I, II and III (2007, 2009 and 2011) and Black Ops I and II (2010 and 2012). “Also ‘an opus every year’, as has been the case since 2005, ‘seems really redundant to me because ideas are running out’, developers have little time to finish their games and ‘bugs’ show that. Activision Blizzard “prefers to release a half-finished game and releases updates to make up for their lack of efficiency.”

“We had a lot more fun with ‘Quake III Arena'”

call of Duty, the best FPS? “No, it’s the best of times counterstrike “, the Valve hit, trolls a user. “For single player campaigns call of Duty, it’s a scam, adds another. The last one is continuous blah blah blah. I prefer something archaic, like Sniper Elite 5, at least you got your money’s worth! » call of Dutyit’s “a popcorn game”. battlefield it’s much better! ‘ says Karl. Nostalgically, Mathieu assures: “I had a lot more fun Quake III Arena (1999) or Unreal Tournament (1999). It was fun, fast and edgy. It would make the little players bleed from the nose. call of Duty ! »

Activision Blizzard’s hit is “probably not the best FPS,” notes Nicolas, a casual gamer. “There are many other games that bring a different proposal but are no less interesting, such as battlefield, halo, over watch… But call of Duty is clearly the most popular and mostly for multiplayer games. Given the popularity of call of Duty, there’s a good chance your friends will be playing it, so naturally you’ll turn to this one if you want to play with as many people as possible. The more players there are, the more it attracts new ones. If it’s such a big hit for Nicolas, it’s probably also because it’s ‘accessible’. “We’re immediately happy when the progression curve is slower and more difficult on competing licenses. And you have to invest more. »

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