Sonia Mabrouk is overcome with emotion live on Europe 1

Sonia Mabrouk, particularly touched by the interpretation of an Iranian singer, on Europe 1. screenshot

VIDEO – The journalist moved to end her political interview on Europe 1 this Tuesday, October 4, by broadcasting the interpretation of an Iranian singer who spoke out against the obligation to wear the veil.

“Everything is said”. The political interview with Sonia Mabrouk and Bruno Retailleau, Senator from Vendée and President of the LR Group in the Senate, this Tuesday, October 4th, did not end as usual in the studios of Europe 1. It was mentioned, among other things, during the exchange, the controversy surrounding the presence of Sandrine Rousseau, Member of Parliament for the 9th constituency, during the demonstration in support of Iranian women that took place on Sunday 2 October. The political journalist took the opportunity to revisit the topic and end her speech with music. “For once, Bruno Retailleau, I would like to end the interview with a song, announces Sonia Mabrouk before adding: It’s not just any song. The one who sings it is an Iranian who, like so many others, faces this challenge against the regime with incredible courage. We are listening.”

The journalist glances at her guest, who looks serious and lowers his eyes throughout the musical passage. Meanwhile, Sonia Mabrouk, touched at heart, tries to hide her worries with a few gestures, but the emotion is greater. Then she asks to turn the music down and a few seconds later turn it off completely. “I think that says it all”the journalist concludes, to which the senator replies: “It’s all said like the tears that run from your eyes”. “You are very touched Sonia, so are we. It is the song that becomes the symbol of this revolt in Iran, which is not just a women’s revolt.” adds morning worker Dimitri Pavlenko.

This Persian language cover of Bella Ciao was interpreted on social networks on September 24 in response to the death of Masha Amini, a 22-year-old young woman who was violently arrested for an outfit considered indecent by the Iranian police. The text, modified by the young Iranian singer, is close to the original version but adapted to current events:O people, be united. We who stand until tomorrow, our right is not weak“.

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