Sonic Frontiers: our opinion on the last game of the franchise signed by SEGA

By Laurent P., Julie M., Cécile D. Published November 16, 2022 at 6:55 p.m

It’s fast, very fast. It’s back on our consoles in no time: Sonic is back for a new adventure with Sonic Frontiers starting November 8, 2022. We’ve tested, we’re telling you!

The adventure promises to be more epic than ever. During the celebration of Game Awards 2021, SEGA unveiled a first trailer for the game Sonic Frontiers. The famous blue hedgehog returns in a title that should mark the transition from SEGA to a new generation of games: the follower Awe-inspiring, revealing a vast, elaborate world to explore endlessly…

The Sonic Frontiers Trailer:

With the gamescom, Players could also get a glimpse into the history of the game. A new trailer, revealed on August 23, 2022, gave us some interesting glimpses of SEGA’s upcoming title. The game Sonic Frontiers is therefore available from November 8th next on PlayStation, XBox, PC and Nintendo Switch. The video trailer also lets us see some dynamic combat, an accelerated pace of play and a mysterious character, Who seems to be the big villain in this story… Unless we’re on the wrong track? One thing is for sure: this new game has some great surprises in store for us!

Sonic Frontiers Trailer and Gameplay Video:

So game-wise, Sonic will be able to explore that Starfall Islands, a world made up of different environments that we can venture into. Sega promises us an exhilarating gaming experience, with a character that we can pump out at full speed open and limitless world. But these impressive settings shouldn’t make us forget the menace that looms over Sonic: a mechanical giant monstrous wants to catch us at any cost. Can you run fast enough to escape him?

On the gameplay side, on June 1st, our colleagues at IGN revealed some elements of in an exclusive seven-minute video playing style. On the program, a open world eagerly awaited, which promises us great freedom of action and movement to explore this world that promises to be extraordinary. For example, we can fall into holes, play on high platforms, slide, unlock new passages by solving puzzles, climb or just contemplate the very artistic landscapes that are available to us. This large spaces without borders Allow us to run at full speed unhindered and let’s enjoy the powers of Sonic in peace.

This open world inevitably reminds breath of the wild, the sequel we’re eagerly awaiting. The first pictures of the game are special Nice, and let’s predict that Sonic Frontiers will be the unmissable card of this end of the year.

Our opinion on Sonic Frontiers:

So that Sonic Frontiers, what is it worth? On the occasion of Paris Games Weekwe were able to play it for about twenty minutes and we will not lie to ourselves, we did not spare our pleasure in finding Sonic in an environment far from the 2D to which we were accustomed SEGAalthough we were a bit disappointed with the graphics of the card.

A game that we were therefore able to test longer. side playing styleWe stick to our first opinion, which is that it’s extra easy to use and extra fluidopen world. The various structures (boosters, pinball machines, bumpers, ramps, etc.) are easily accessible and well integrated into the 3D world. A 3D world that does not distort the experience and allows you to find the gaming sensations inherent in the franchise.

Graphically we are no longer divided: on the one hand we have so-called “classic” levels that revisit the most famous levels of the franchise (Green Zone Hill etc.), coming out of 2D in a particularly pretty and intelligent way while staying there a little, and on the other hand, a hub in an open world in 3D, graphically much too rough. A somewhat disturbing contrast that does not exactly encourage the desire for progress.

Add to that a lifespan far too short for our liking, with a final boss with unconvincing gameplay, and you have a slightly overambitious game that tried too hard to open up through the open world and ended up losing linearity and interest. A game that we still recommend to ultra fans of the blue hedgehog.

The gameplay:

Second follower:

Can’t wait to play as the world’s fastest blue hedgehog again?

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