Sony wants to wait at least a year before releasing its AAA games on PC

If Sony no longer hides its ambitions to break into the PC gaming market, the manufacturer doesn’t forget to promote its PS5. In an interview with Youtubeur Julien Chièze, PlayStation Studios boss Hermen Hulst explains that the Japanese company will wait at least a year after their release to release their AAA exclusives on Steam and other platforms.

Gone are the days when Sony was only present in the console market. With the arrival of Marvel’s Spider-Man on PC this summer, the manufacturer has completed its catalog that is already well taken care of. And the latter doesn’t want to stop there: shy at first, his ambitions are now clearly expressed. By 2025, no less than 50% of PlayStation games will also be available on PC and smartphone.

From there to simultaneous releases on multiple platforms? Not so fast. Admittedly, Sony is making eyes at PC gamers now, but it hasn’t forgotten its first love. PlayStation Studios boss Hermen Hulst got down to business in a video by Youtubeur Julien Chièze. No, simultaneous releases do not take place. At least for AAA games, it will last at least a year on PC.

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Big PS5 games will take a year to come to PC

“I think in the future we will let at least a year elapse between releasing our games on PlayStation and then on PC.”, explains Hermen Hulst. A strategy reminiscent of that of PlayStation Plus, which prefers to wait for falling sales to include AAA games in its catalogue. Sony’s message is clear: the priority is indeed console sales.

Hermen Hulst mentions an exception: service games. According to its terms, these are “are a bit different in nature, that you need a strong community, a lot of commitment from the start, right from launch. So for these types of games we could do simultaneous releases between PC and PlayStation.” PAs a reminder, Sony plans to launch 12 gaming services by 2025.