Soon a moon-shaped mega hotel in Dubai? This is what this crazy 5 billion project looks like – evening edition Ouest-France

Canadian entrepreneurs want to build a 224 meter high hotel complex in Dubai, over which stands a huge moon ball: the World Moon Resort. Besides the 4,000 suites, a nightclub, shops and a spa, this crazy $5 billion project will also offer tourists the simulated experience of walking on the moon’s surface, maybe as early as 2027…

Take a vacation on the moon… That’s what the Canadian company Moon World Resorts offers. In Dubai, a city in the United Arab Emirates accustomed to architectural excesses, she wants to build a huge hotel complex, 224 meters high and 622 meters in circumference, in a huge sphere representing the moon. In addition to its shape, the sphere has craters and a realistic texture. Inside, 4,000 suites and countless facilities: spa, nightclub, restaurants, concert hall, shopping center… Everything arranged and designed like a spaceship. The suite windows will not face the outside world, they will be fake digital windows showing a landscape chosen by the customer.

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The sketch of one of the 4,000 suites of the future megahotel Moon World Resort. (Photo: Instagram screenshot Moon World Resorts Inc)
The disco dreamed up by Moon World Resorts co-founder Michael R. Henderson. (Photo: Instagram screenshot Moon World Resorts Inc)

This extravagant project also plans to provide space agencies with a special place to train their apprentice astronauts before sending them into space. And the highlight of the show for tourists: an attraction that simulates walking on the moon for $500 (€506). “We will give you the opportunity to walk on what you think is the lunar surface during your lifetime”, says Michael R. Henderson, co-founder of the Moon World Resort, to the American medium CNN.

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Behind this concept, the Canadian entrepreneur wants to make space tourism affordable. Excursions are currently offered by Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin, SpaceX and Axiom Space Cost between $50,000 and $55 million, depending 20 minutes, an almost equivalent amount in euros. Such a journey is not for everyone… “Up people were there, seven billion want to visit it”, read on the Moon World Resorts websiteover the moon.

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A $5 billion project

Flying to the moon in Dubai might be doable for tourists with some spending power, but this $5 billion project has yet to be doable. The project has been in the design for twenty years and includes “great technical challenges”, Michael R. Henderson tells CNN. But he and co-founder Sandra G. Matthews “Working with independent engineers and architects to bring this concept to life”. He’s hoping for the first Moon World Resort in Dubai – a city chosen for it “Popularity with tourists” and be “Numerous infrastructure projects” – may welcome the public from 2027. Before more are built in North America, Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and a final one in Asia…

Like the bold architectural achievements of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao or the Burj Khalifa tower in Dubai, Michael R. Henderson hopes travelers will travel just to admire the building. “I think a lot of people will be amazed when they look at the largest sphere in the world – it will be a breathtaking sight,” he tells CNN.

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