Tearful fans react to Roland’s brutal death

The episode of Plus belle la vie that aired last night on France 3 has deeply moved fans of the series, who have witnessed the dreaded death of Roland Marci, the patriarch of the series. Internet users did not hesitate to react on social networks.

Better life, it’s almost over. And to herald the end of the series, which will take place on November 18th, the writers have made the bold decision to kill off one of the symbols of the Mistral. In fact, in the episode aired this Monday night, viewers witnessed the death of Roland Marci (Michel Cordes), an emblematic character of the soap opera who has been present since it started in 2004.

In this final touching scene, the entire Marci clan is finally reunited at the Mistral bar to celebrate the birthdays of Lola (Marie Mallia) and Kilian (Tim Rousseau). A reunion marked by reconciliation, to the delight of Roland, who sees all the people dear to him finally making peace.

Then he decides to play soccer with Mathis, his grandson. But while everything seems to be going well, Roland collapses on the Place du Mistral, victim of a heart attack. A tragic and moving scene, which of course did not miss the reaction of the netizens who were there last night to say goodbye to the patriarch of the Marci clan.

Roland’s death is really terrible. I’ve never cried so much in front of a stage! The impression that Roland was a member of my family still chills me“, “It’s too hard emotionally, the writers gave it their all‘ fans of the series wrote on Twitter.

Some even saw Roland’s death as symbolic of the end of Plus belle la vie, while others hailed the screenwriting’s audacity in killing off an emblematic character just months before curtain fell.

While many netizens were shocked by Roland’s death, some fans still regretted the decision to kill off one of the key characters of Plus belle la vie just a few weeks before the end.

#PBLV ends in two months after 18 years and the writers have come up with nothing better than to kill Roland Marci, the pillar of the series, in front of his whole family. There were two damn months left. He could have made a living off fishing, love, and fresh water, but no, heart attack.” can be read on Twitter.

One thing is for sure, the next episodes of Plus belle la vie promise plenty of emotions as they will be the setting for Roland’s funeral. How will the Marci clan recover from this tragedy? Who will inherit the Mistral bar? Answer in the sequel to Plus belle la vie, available in the Salto preview.

Lucie Reeb, Allociné, published October 4th

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