The 10 Stupidest People of the Week, Episode 171

Hello Hello ! Welcome to the Teubés of the week. Get ready for a crowd of idiots, idiots, idiots and other ignoramuses. You have every right to laugh, but don’t forget to take a little IQ test to see if you too deserve to be part of this incredible selection. With that I leave you, I need to name my plants (I’m thinking of naming my Ficus Romuald). goodbye

1. A young Russian woman who rose to fame after harassing Ukrainian refugees on the street was eventually deported from Germany to Russia

2. It’s a miracle

“I took a picture of a child’s chest X-ray to show his family (he had pneumonia). I showed it to the boy and he gasped. Then he said in a surprised voice: “I have a skeleton. »

3. A psychiatrist VS essential oils

” Please help me ! I have a friend whose 14-year-old daughter is having a psychotic episode. She no longer recognizes her mother. What oil for that? »

4. It’s scary, but why not

“My 7-year-old daughter told me that Jeremy gave her all the answers at school. As the conversation progressed, I realized that Jeremy was her mastermind. She named her brain Jeremy. »

5. It’s ART

“There are paintings by Sai Tuombli, one of the highest rated contemporary artists. The price of one of his paintings ranges from $2 million to $75 million.

When I paint these kinds of paintings at home, my mother punishes me. »

6. He quickly forgot his fears of the child

Me: *eats a Mentos in my corner*

My son (cries): Dad, don’t eat these Mentos! It is dangerous ! It’s an explosion video chemical! Like on YouTube.

Me: It’s just a Mentos

My son: You will die

I chew*

My son: Give me one.

7. Too practical

Balenciaga presented his models in the mud at Paris Fashion Week.

8. His wish was more or less fulfilled.

“I remember when my son was 5 years old and I showed him pictures of brains and I pointed to his head and said “Here’s Your Brain”. Then he put his head in his hands and complained “I don’t want a brain”

9. The best gender reveal party

“A couple contaminates the water supply of a drought-stricken town by dying it blue to reveal gender”

10. They are actually obsessed with it

“M&Ms introduces its new purple character. Conservatives suspect she is transgender. »

11. The famous test

*Antigen test photo*

“Why are you showing me this?

_ I was with you yesterday

_ And ??? I had a vasectomy last year, it’s not mine. »

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