The attack on Istiklal Caddesi in Istanbul revives the project of a military intervention in northern Syria

The case is being heard before the preliminary investigation that has just begun is completed. On behalf of the Turkish authorities, the police have arrested those responsible for the attack on Istiklal Avenue, the landmark of Istanbul, which took place late in the afternoon on Sunday 13 November and resulted in the deaths of six people. Photos of a handcuffed young woman wearing flip flops and a purple sweatshirt crossed out “New York University” were published. She would have planted the bomb under a small bench in the avenue before fleeing. Arrested by security forces hours after Monday morning’s explosion, this 23-year-old Syrian woman reportedly admitted receiving it“order” out “PKK-YPG-PYD”. Three acronyms that strike here as proof.

From Ankara’s perspective, the Syrian Kurdish militia YPG (People’s Defense Units) and its political arm PYD (Democratic Union Party) are the dominant Kurdish force in northeastern Syria “terrorist organizations” because of their ties to the banned PKK, the Kurdistan Workers’ Party. All three denied responsibility for the attack.

state of extreme tension

In addition to the young woman, the police have now arrested 50 other people. The suspect is said to have admitted during her interrogation that she had been trained “Special Intelligence Agent” by the PKK, the YPD and the PYD before entering Turkey illegally via the Afrin region in northern Syria, according to the police. Arriving at the scene of the attack, Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu, one of the government heavyweights, intervened by assuring that the instructions for the attack came from the Syrian border town of Kobané, the symbol of the Kurdish resistance organization Islamic State (IS).

According to the minister, the suspect would have fled to Greece if she had not been arrested. Details that should be as precise as they are overwhelming. “We know what message the makers of this campaign want to convey to us. We have received this messageadded Mr. Soylu. Don’t worry, we’ll pay them back, big. »

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Known for his attacks on the United States, particularly in 2016, when he went so far as to accuse Washington of being involved in the attempted coup, Süleyman Soylu has apparently decided to take things up a notch this time. In front of the cameras, the head of internal security abruptly rejected the expressions of condolence from across the Atlantic: “We do not accept the condolences of the American ambassador, we reject them. After all, the United States is officially allied with the PYD-YPG. Their sympathy is similar to that of murderers who have returned to the crime scene. »

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