The builders of the Gigafactory Texas are filing a complaint

A group of Tesla employees will file a lawsuit against the electric car maker. This “class action”, the English term for class action lawsuits, is aimed at the Gigafactory Texas.

More specifically, they are workers who were involved in the construction of the Texas factory. They denounce the non-compliance with the working conditions and the dangers they were exposed to.

They also complain that their pay has been stolen, especially if it was a check, and that overtime has not been paid. Some did not even receive their due wages.

A worker explains that his ID card has been tampered with and that he has not received training on safety and workers’ rights. So they were unaware of their right to refuse work they considered too dangerous.

“No one deserved to suffer what happened at the Gigafactory”an anonymous staffer told the Guardian. “I don’t think it was human. »

He and other colleagues who Tesla hired directly for the job will file a complaint. It is the Department of Labor (Department of Labor) that deals with this through its Occupational Health and Safety Administration.

“I will die in this factory”

This employee’s testimony goes further and he details the dangerous conditions in which he operated. He claims to have worked several times on the roof of the factory without a light. He did it next to turbines raising dust, but his employer didn’t offer him a mask.

Worse still, he and his colleagues had to continue working on a flooded floor that no one had secured. The cables were in the water and the wires were bare under these conditions.

He reveals that one evening he said to his wife: “I will die in this factory”. He also explained that he had to return to work with a broken arm because he needed the money. “Every day there was a security problem”.

The lawyer for the Workers Defense Project, a non-profit organization that helps them, regrets the situation. “Tesla didn’t seem interested in making sure everyone could go home at night unharmed with the money they had in their pockets.”explains Hannah Alexander.

False promises of double wages for Thanksgiving

In fact, aside from the security issues, getting his salary back and keeping it seemed difficult at times. Some employees had their money stolen, others struggled to get paid. That’s how it was last year on Thanksgiving when the employees kept working. This isn’t the first time employees, whoever they are, have come under pressure.

Tesla promised to double their pay for it, but they ended up getting the same pay as usual. The employees did not want to upset their employer, who was taking advantage of the system. In fact, companies in the United States use subcontractors that they hire themselves.

“Everyone is wrong”the employee continues. “Anyone could have avoided it. Tesla could have avoided that. » But for the Workers Defense Project there is no question of responsibility eventually by Tesla.

“Everything we’re seeing is complicated by the fact that there’s not a lot of transparency or accountability because they chose not to have that independently monitored.”explains David Chincanchan, the club’s chief of staff.

“Overall, the state of the industry in Texas is in a race to the bottom. The exploitation of many workers, often immigrants, is a problem. »

The Gigafactory Texas is said to enable the production of the 4680 cells and eventually the Tesla Cybertruck. However, she is now under fire from critics. One of the main areas of the complaint will be the issuance of false certificates assuring that employees have completed their safety training.

The Workers Defense Project declined to share the list of contractors involved in the complaint. This refusal is in fact explained by the fact that the investigation is still ongoing. For its part, Tesla declined to comment.

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