The condominium will no longer have to spend anything

HASWith this “Enedis Ordinance”, the pre-financing of the installation of the charging infrastructure is carried out by the electricity network operator.

There may be a “right to take”; the number of condominiums equipped with collective charging solutions for hybrid and electric vehicles is very low at around 2%. However, every second Frenchman lives in a condominium and 7 million of them have a parking space in their building.

In addition to technical constraints, barriers to installing these terminals include cost. Even if there is state aid, the remaining burden on co-ownership can be a brake. Enough to give ideas to Enedis, which manages the public network.

The company has pushed for a change in the regulatory framework to allow pre-financing of the installation of charging infrastructure in condominiums. This succeeded after the green light decision was published in the Official Journal at the end of September.

The “public distribution network” solution consists of creating a public infrastructure up to the parking space. Linked to this is the promise of a zero-euro remaining fee for condominiums, which is intended to make it easier to pass resolutions at general meetings.

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Of course, Enedis will advance the cost of installing and connecting the collective infrastructure. Then the co-owners apply for a connection to their individual place and “pay Enedis a contribution to the cost of the collective infrastructure” (a share whose application conditions have yet to be determined). Finally, the driver has a terminal of his choice installed and selects the electricity contract with the provider of his choice.

However, it should be noted that the taxpayer will be involved. The pre-financing by Enedis is then largely borne by the users, but the rest (around 40%) is financed by the tax on the use of the public electricity grid (Turpe)!

Private operators who, like ZePlug, specialize in installing charging stations in condominiums, don’t like that. For them, there is unfair competition with an actor who benefits from public funding.

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