The DeLorean from Back to the Future, stolen from a Breton, reappears in a clip by LEJ

The DeLorean stolen from Breton Victor Deguérande resurfaced in the new clip of female vocal trio LEJ ©LEJ on Wednesday October 5, 2022

The LEJ Group just released Wednesday 5th October 2022, a new clip produced and directed by Youtuber Remi Gaillard. The latter would have stolen for the purposes of the film, among other things delorean Belonging to a passionate Breton Cult film “Back to the Future”.

Buzz, joke or both?

The Breton in question is called Victor Deguérande. He is a science fiction novelist based in the small town of Ploeuc-L’Hermitage (Cotes d’Armor), near Saint Brieuc.

Victor Deguérande invites the curious to board the famous Delorean
Victor Deguérande invites the curious to board the famous Delorean ©Le Penthièvre

He has set up a small private museum there entirely dedicated to the Back to the Future trilogy, the centerpiece of which is none other than the famous DeLorean, the vehicle rigged by the Doc to make it happen Martin McFly travel in time.

It’s not a simple replica, but one of the three models created by Kevin Pike, the saga’s Chief Special Effects Supervisor. More or less successful specimens, there are hundreds, but this one is really unique! The first two models were used in the films, the third is in my possession.

Victor Deguerande

Youtuber Rémi Gaillard, a specialist in crazy videos, contacted Victor Deguérande a few months ago to borrow his DeLorean. Then he would even have been sent a cost estimate… nothing more. Until an unexpected burglary in September: Rémi Gaillard and three followers stole the precious car!

The vehicle has since garnered attention, most notably with a surreal video of the DeLorean flying across the Montpellier sky on a stormy evening that has been viewed more than 40,000 times.

See you in the 80’s

Contacted by our editorial staff a few days ago, Rémi Gaillard then dropped some clues as to his true intentions:

I want to try it! I want to see if it works: I would like to go to the 80’s, it was a time when the music was good, we were more stylish. But I’ve already said too much!

Remi Gaillard

That’s where female vocal trio LEJ come in. Through Twitter and Facebook accounts, we learn that Rémi Gaillard has produced and directed her new clip.

Videos: currently on Actu
The DeLorean stolen from Breton Victor Deguérande resurfaced in the new clip of female vocal trio LEJ on Wednesday October 5, 2022
LEJ’s new music video “Mashup 80’s” features a medley of iconic songs from Pink Floyd to Mickaël Jackson, including soundtracks from Rocky and Ghostbusters. ©LEJ

The clip was posted this Wednesday, October 5, 2022 at 5 p.m. sharp. Titled “Mashup 80s”, it features Victor Deguérandes DeLorean and offers a medley of cult songs, from Pink Floyd to Mickaël Jackson, via Rocky and Ghostbusters, “Boys Boys Boys” and “I Want to Break Free”.

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“I want to see Grandma again!” »

Rémi Gaillard had promised that the DeLorean would be back in Brittany the same day. In the meantime, Victor Déguerande has been conquered by the clip.

That’s wonderful. I was expecting a joke and it’s excellent there. The special effects are amazing. movie worthy.

Victor Deguerande

For his part, Rémi Gaillard immediately posted a making-off on his Twitter account, which alone deserves a look.

The “grandmother”, as Victor Deguérande affectionately calls her, has indeed found her household.

The end of the story

Besides, you know what? We’ve just reached the end of the story: the Delorean was never actually stolen. Filming was conducted in good and due form with the complicity of its lucky owner.

Rémi Gaillard returned the DeLorean to its lucky owner Victor Deguérande.
Rémi Gaillard and Victor Deguérande were accomplices from the start: the shooting took place in Montpellier in three days. ©DR

Rémi Gaillard released the piece on Thursday October 6, 2022 with our colleagues from Midi Libre and Victor Deguérande, “I am someone who is honest, sincere and never lies”, apologized.

We forgive him! Because the gag worked and the LEJ clip that was shot in Montpellier in three days is really great!

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