the house he has been building for 26 years calls out: “Is it the Sagrada Família?”

This Monday, L’Amour est dans le pré on M6 had a long sequence dedicated to Thierry, the farmer from Vaucluse. He had actually planned to show that construction site from his future home to his two contenders. And the least we can say is that they weren’t disappointed.

Thierry is a candidate long time of the program presented by Karine Le Marchand. He was there in 2015 and was seduced at the age of 57 by Annick, the chief secretary. But, be lightning was not shared by the Parisian who finally settled on one expression to their relationship.

Thierry is determined to find love

He returns this season, determined to find a soulmate with style inimitable that we know him. He chose two suitors: Sylviane, a retired nursing assistant, and Remedios, a home hairdresser. And so that they want to continue the adventure with him, he had decided to pay them a visit in their future. cozy nest.

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For Thierry, the construction site is almost complete

Obviously the site won’t really see the end. in the construction only a few walls for 26 years stand up and Sylviane and Remedios had to show themselves a lot of imagination. The house has no roof, no windows and looks more like a ruin as a palace.

If Remedios manages to project himself and already sees himself in the kitchen, it’s more complicated for Sylviane. She also remarked on the farmer from Vaucluse: “You’ve got work to do, huh. » There is nothing for Thierry insurmountable : “No, no, one stroke of the broom, two strokes of the trowel”.

Internet users compare the construction site to the Sagrada Familia

The visit continues, over here the kitchen, over there the bathroom, with two sinks secure. And on the roof the bridal chamber, the walls of which are not yet finished. It even sees the construction of one Swimming pool 18 meters long. The construction site started 26 years ago but should be finished soon, he says. Internet users didn’t fall for it Sign by someone who improvised as a real estate agent.

On instagramthe comments merge. “He’s all over the West, this guy. You can see his motivation for 96 or 26 years. He’s more of a dreamer than anything. » says one. ” After 26 years of work and there isn’t even a roof… Obviously it’s scary.” adds another. While some even compare Thierry’s project to that Sagrada Família, the famous basilica in Barcelona, ​​​​the construction of which began in 1882 and is still ongoing. I’m not sure if Thierry’s work knows the same blow.

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