The nerdy jean that made a splash during fashion week and is making a comeback in our wardrobe!

This fall-winter season, jeans, well-known to fashionistas, are making a comeback in all our wardrobes!

If you’re a fashionista, you must know that fashion week has just begun. This is an opportunity to discover the next trends and be inspired by the looks of fashionistas from all over the world.

It turns out that this year jeans, which were considered old-fashioned, made a comeback. So hurry down to find out which one it is!

Slim jeans are making a comeback on the fashion scene

If the jeans that you can wear season after season are timeless, the trendy cuts are never the same. So, for several seasons, to be at the top you had to opt for straight jeans or even flare jeans.

You have safely discarded your slim jeans, which have been a discontinued model for several years. During fashion week, however, these jeans, which were considered cheesy, made a comeback.

It turned out that all the trendiest women decided to bring out their skinny jeans. So, you need to do a little shopping if you want to be fashionable this fall-winter season.

It looks like you can’t get enough of skinny jeans. So you know what you need to do if you want to look as stylish as Fashion Week guests. So now it’s up to you!

How to wear skinny jeans to be trendy this season?

Slim jeans were a key piece of your wardrobe in the 2010s. However, to be trendy this fall-winter season, don’t wear your slim jeans like you did back then.

In order not to commit a fashion faux pas, you have to pay close attention to your outfit. You need to carefully choose the pieces you wear with your slim jeans. Skinny jeans are known to be rather narrow and tight-fitting trousers.

So you must prefer rather loose and oversized pieces to create a contrast. Above all, you should not choose very tight tops or even crop tops. Instead, we advise you to turn to shirts in XXL version.

With which you feel comfortable and at ease in all situations. You can then go for black skinny jeans with a fairly baggy cream satin shirt and a pair of heeled ankle boots. This very elegant outfit can accompany you in all your activities. Whether you’re going to town or commuting to work, you won’t be able to do without it.

Which slim jeans model to choose to be fashionable?

Now you know how to wear your brand new skinny jeans. However, it is also important to choose your jeans carefully. You probably already know it, but there are many different Slim models. So, first of all, we advise you to turn to a high-waisted cut instead. The latter will best highlight your silhouette, whatever your morphology.

Then we recommend a rather dark colored pair of jeans. You can then opt for Slim Black, Gray or Raw. These colors are very elegant and allow you to stay chic in all circumstances. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable in your skinny jeans. Do not hesitate to go directly to the store to try the model you want. All you have to do is decide, without waiting too long!

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