The probable compositions of the 5th day of the National

Discover the team compositions for this fifth national day, in which Narbonne will have to restart and Bourgoin-Jallieu and Valence-Romans will want to keep their momentum.

Hyères Carqueiranne – Tarbes

In Hyeres– Stadium André-Véran – Saturday 4pm

Referee: M Guatelli

The expected start XV of Hyères-Carqueiranne : 15th stopper; 14.Smith, 13.Sage, 12.Brousse, 11.Alessi; 10. Munro or Melinte, 9. Sonetti; 7th Beaumont (cap.), 8th Ormea, 6th Munoz; 5. Damiani or Cazac, 4th son-in-law; 3. Mathieu or Burtila, 2. Tyumenev, 1. Hendricks.

substitute: 16th Oviedo, 17th Serra, 18th Cazac or Daminani, 19th Baquer 20th Dubié 21st Melinte or Defrance, 22nd Lêveque, 23rd Mathieu or Burtila.

Infirmary : During spring break, the RCHCC took the opportunity to attend to injuries. Back row Cazac (ankles), winger Alessi (back), openers Melinte (elbows) and Defrance (ankles) are ready for action. Second-line player Nouhaillaguet, injured in the back in Valence, joins pillar Lucien (shoulder), hookers Huggett (knee) and Tabarot (calcaneus), flankers Lavocat (knee) and Gorin (shoulder) and winger Bourdieu (hamstring) at the infirmary .

The expected start XV of Tarbes : 15. Trotta; 14th Duffau, 13th Alofa, 12th Vakacegu, 11th Oltmann; 10. Lusero; 9. millet; 7th Leshkasheli, 8th Massyn, 6th Ricart; 5. Seuvou, 4. Maximin; 3rd Erasmus, 2nd Mondon (cap.), 1st Combier.

substitute: 16th Lamothe, 17th Palisse, 18th Bousquet, 19th Saint-Guilhem or Sajous, 20th Dulucq, 21st Pees, 22nd Dumestre, 23rd Farrance or Tchitchiashvili.

Infirmary : Opener Anthony Fuertes (torn thigh) and brace Mariano Filomeno (shoulder) are absent, as are full-back Mathieu Berbizier (hamstring), flanker Matteo Coustalat (ankle), Loan Real (ankle) and Leo Estaque (acromial collarbone).

Rennes – Bourg en Bresse

reindeer-Commandant Bougouin Stadium – Saturday 6pm

Referee: Mr. Alejo

The expected start XV of reindeer : 15. brignons; 14. Le Berre, 13. A. François, 12. Lopez Bontempo, 11. R. François; 10 Leeming, 9 Ollion; 7. Ortega, 8. Gazin, 6. Kazette; 5. Gueroult (chap.), 4. Algans; 3. Ulutuipalelei, 2. Fau, 1. Le Jallé.

substitute: 16th Beaujouan, 17th Muzzio, 18th Fromentèze, 19th Béraud, 20th Jeune-Joly, 21st Dubois, 22nd Lepresle, 23rd Quérin.

Infirmary : The hooker Tuugahala (ankle) is now with the absent ones after the trip to Tarbes. He again meets support Pupuma (adductors), third-row Danielli (elbows), winger Ma’afu (hamstring) and full-back Soto (meniscus).

The expected start XV of Bourg en Bresse : 15th beard; 14. Mamao or Sanlaville, 13. Badet, 12. Silafai-Lea’ana, 11. Taboo; 10th poet, 9th Valençot; 7th Lyon (cap.), 8th Ioane, 6th Buatier; May 5th, 4th flowers; 3. De Jager, 2. Jullien, 1. Bordenave.

substitute: 16th Dasalmartini, 17th Kapanadze, 18th Deliance or Falcoz, 19th Baradel, 20th Faure, 21st Doy, 22nd Sanlaville or De Fleurian, 23rd Harmse.

Infirmary : the list of injured is concentrated almost on the second line. In addition to the absences of Antonescu (pectoralis major) and Leverstein (shoulder), Roth (knee operation, absence for the next four months) will be added. Veyret also had some breakdowns in this position at the beginning of the season. So May will “climb” into the cage, Deliance, Lyons and Buatier can do it too. “We adapt”slips Fabrice Estebanez and the USB keeps an eye on the market for the case… The pillar Drancourt (knee) and the opener Lacombe (shoulder) are missing, while the third line Jean-Etienne took over the collective without contact.

Beautiful – Albi

In Nice-Arboras Stadium – Saturday 6pm

Referee: M Paris

The expected start XV of kind : 15. The girl; 14. Delage, 13. Conduché, 12. Fritz, 11. Odiete; 10. Verdu (cap.), 9. Lorée; 7. Vignolles, 8. Freytes, 6. Farret or Tachat; 5. Koroi, 4. Mondoulet; 3. Shatirishvili, 2. Martin, 1. Neparidze.

substitute: 16. Alkazashvili, 17. Lemaire, 18. Rey, 19. Bolenaivalu, 20. Farret or Tachat, 21. Ormaechea, 22. Bureitakiyaca, 23. Ciancio.

Infirmary : the trip to Suresnes has left some traces. Kurt Haupt (whore) has a sore knee and won’t be playing. Neither does Jeronimo Negrotto, who will be ready to play within two weeks. Finally, Stellio Bessaguet will undergo tests to find out the origin of his back pain. For the rest, the staff is spoiled for choice.

The expected start XV ofAlbi : 15th hospital; 14 Sperandio, 13 Couchinave, 12 Mjekevu, 11 Vasuinubu; 10. Pehau, 9. Queheile; 8th Maciotta, 7th Roussel, 6th Boutin; 5. Engelbrecht (cap.), 4. Essid; 3. Chapnga, 2. Castant, 1. Escur.

substitute: Venter 16, Commenge 17, Foures 19, Backhouse 19, Trussardi 20, Vidal 21, Clergue 22, De Clercq 23.

Infirmary : suffered an ankle hit against Narbonne, flanker Camille Jarreau will be rested this weekend. Another third-line wing on the flank, Luke Stringer, whose shoulder injury is less severe than expected and should apply for the end of the block. Ditto for the François Fontaine centre, which is recovering quickly from his shoulder and will be operational by the end of the month. Only third line Vincent Calas is treating a knee and is hoping to return by the end of the year.


In Blagnac-Ernest Argelès Stadium – Saturday 6pm

Referee: Mr. Laloo

The expected start XV of Blagnac : Augustine 15; 14 Daurau-Bedin, 13 Moleana, 12 Labau, 11 Villemur; 10. Seunes, 9th tablet; 7th Ibanez, 8th Vachon or Ponsole, 6th Verdy (Cap.); 5. Mutel, 4. Rousset; 3 Trauth, 2 Cloostermans, 1 Decaux.

substitute: 16.Martin, 17.Bertrand, 18.L.Tolofua, 19.Ponsole or N. Tolofua, 20.Ferrary, 21.Delpy, 22.Vareilles, 23.Biscioni.

Infirmary : Blagnac’s infirmary is still full, with no fewer than twelve players currently being cared for: Villerouge, Lorenzon, Salandria Ruiz, Seulcide, Bekov, Leconte, Penc’hoat, Renaud, Doyhenard, Ochoa, Vernetti and Graulle. Vachon is uncertain.

The expected start XV of Chambery : 15. Hecquet; 14 Goneva, 13 Pisano, 12 Reymond, 11 Mawalu; 10. Moreno, 9. Deschaux; 7. Grenod (cap.), 8. Coignat, 6. Lebian; 5. Guyot, 4. Joke; 3. Pertaia, 2. Brute de Remur, 1. Lorenzon

substitute: 16th Primault, 17th Gonzales, 18th Cerqueira, 19th Dance, 20th Dufau, 21st Dorrival, 22nd Velten, 23rd Caro Saisi.

Infirmary : Argentine pillar Lautaro Caro Saisi, who joined Savoy from the Jaguares less than a month ago, should know his first game sheet with the SOC. Opener Jean-Luc Cilliers will wait at the end of his recovery before returning to the field.

Narbonne – Valence Romans

In Narbonne-Sports and Friendship Park – Saturday 18:30

Referee: Mr Braley

The expected start XV of Narbonne : 15. Kane; 14. P.-H. Ducom, 13 Nueno, 12 Giorgis, 11 E. Ducom; 10th Auradou, 9th Nova; 7. Belzons (cap.), 8. Mountain, 6. Caffo; 5. Rebussone, 4. Sese; 3 Castinel, 2 Rochier, 1 Abadie.

substitute: 16th Vaca, 17th Moise, 18th Clauzade, 19th Nakobukobua, 20th Chauvet, 21st Kaiser, 22nd Mias, 23rd Loudet.

Infirmary : Captain Flavien Nouhaillaguet has been out for a good month because of his back. For his part, James Kane still has a problem. Christophe David risks missing the field for several weeks after suffering a concussion against Suresnes. Additional investigations should determine the date of his return. Louis-Benoit Madaule (foot) and Baptiste Abescat (torn cruciate ligament) are still unavailable. Note the return of Paul Belzons on his back after his infiltration.

The expected start XV of Valence Romans : 15. Cafes; 14th Emerson, 13th Quinnez, 12th Neiceru, 11th Giresse; 10. Meret; 9. Menzel; 7th Gicquel, 8th Iashagashvili, 6th Army (Cap.); 5. goumat, 4. dyer; 3rd Pelo, 2nd Marco Pena, 1st Aleo.

substitute: 16th Boundjema, 17th Pontanier, 18th Brayer, 19th Girlando or Hayes, 20th Dupas, 21st Bouldoire, 22nd Moura, 23rd Goze or Bailly.

Infirmary : the pillar zouhair (hamstrings) joined the infirmary, as did the second line uys (obliques). The Wierenga Center (concussion log) is absent indefinitely. Away from the field since the start of the season, pillar Goze and third row Hayes are likely to return to the group. Scrum half Dupas, who was hit in the ribs against Blagnac, will be on the move. First term of Cazes, who will play as a full-back.


In Bourgoin-Jallieu-Pierre Rajon Stadium – Saturday 18:30

Referee: Mr. Bouzac

The expected start XV of Bourgoin Jallieu : 15th stamp; 14th Bouet, 13th Bosch, 12th Leota, 11th Lefort; 10. Sola, 9. Hutteau; 7th T.Cotte, 8th Luafutu, 6th Rabatel; 5th L. Cotte (Captain), 4th Gascou; 3. de Klerk, 2. Khribache, 1. Favaretto.

substitute: 16 Tripier, 17 Devisme, 18 Lavetanakoroi, 19 Lepage, 20 Sidobre, 21 Vuillemin, 22 Nicolas, 23 Simutoga.

Infirmary : only the third line shows Kevin Rivoire to the infirmary. Absent since preparation, third line Théo Lepage is restored and is due to join the group for the first time this season. Hit in the shoulder on day one, Adrien Devisme is also ready for action. Opener Benjamin Noble and young scrum half Adrien Pontarollo, who were touched during a hopeful, continued.

The expected start XV of Suresnes : 15. Baudy; 14 Clemens, 13 Muric, 12 Tuwai, 11 Fartass; 10. Mieres or Robert; 9. barbarite; 7. Vosloo, 8. Jazeix, 6. Desbordes; 5.Djebarri, 4.Van Leeuwen; 3. Lafrancesca, 2. Bayard (cap.), 1. Assi.

substitute: 16th Lucas, 17th El Bibouji, 18th Falcon de Longeviale, 19th Yatera, 20th Bachiri, 21st Robert or Amon, 22nd Fuster, 23rd Arias.

Infirmary : Uncertainty weighs on the participation of Argentina opener Ignacio Mieres. The former Dijon player felt a muscle spasm during training this week and will be tested ahead of the game. When that’s not possible, Gaëtan Robert takes over and Clément Amon is benched.

Dax – Cognac Saint Jean d’Angely

In the Dax-Maurice Boyau Stadium – Saturday 7pm

Referee: Mr. Meler

The expected start XV of dax : 15th duprat; 14.Dechavanne, 13.Fourquet, 12.Bolakoro, 11.Marta; 10. Cherry Tree 9. Garrouigt; 7th Tremeau, 8th Ferrer, 6th Aletti (Captain); 5. Loiret or Gaune, 4. Luamanu; 3rd Drean, 2nd Delonca, 1st Faitotoa.

substitute: 16th Rodon-Morello, 17th Maria, 18th Gaune or Loiret, 19th Despiau, 20th Ayestaran or Berchesi, 21st Reteau, 22nd Mund, 23rd Ferreira.

Infirmary : The back gatelier is still suspended and can play again in the next game. Winger Alexandre Pilati is suffering from an ankle, while center Mchedlidze is suffering from a knee. Opener Berchesi is uncertain. The Ausset flanker will be unavailable due to being hit in the ribs. Hookers Barrère (foot) and Levi (forearm), accompanied by the second line Bidau, will continue as normal next week.

The expected start XV of Cognac Saint d’Angely : 15. Antunes or Bouhedjeur; 14.Pageneau, 13.Lotava or Antunes; 12. Bordoli, 11. Guyon; 10th Garnier, 9th Beaudon; 7. Gilizzi, 8. Manu, 6. Toevalu (Cap.); 5. Naulunisau, 4. Praud; 3. Hygonnet, 2. Sauzaret, 1. Zakashvili.

substitute: 16th Bruno, 17th Kakabadze, 18th Maninoa, 19th Thomas, 20th Billou, 21st Bouhedjeur or Lotawa, 22nd Kuruibua, 23rd Sharashidze.

Infirmary : good news for the staff, they can line up twenty three players on the sheet unlike the last two days. On the other hand, Tougne (neck), Gau (calf) and Kaikatsishvili (ischio) are still missing. The same goes for Sordia and Tuilagi. Kakabadze returns to the competition, as does Naulunisau, who will start on the second row. Meanwhile, the Sagote center, touched against Chambéry, should be too fair.

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