The return of Cyril Hanouna and his “insults” shock netizens

This Wednesday, October 5th, Cyril Hanouna made a very notable appearance on the set of Touche pas à mon poste. C8 screenshot

Benjamin Castaldi animated “Don’t touch my post” for two days. But this Wednesday, October 5, at around 8:20 p.m., Cyril Hanouna made a very eye-catching appearance on the set of C8’s flagship program. And in just a few minutes, his words and “insults” against Anne Hidalgo outraged netizens.

This Wednesday, October 5th, a new number of “Touche pas à mon poste” was broadcast on C8. Benjamin Castaldi was back in charge of the show as Cyril Hanouna was absent… At least for half the evening. Since the launch of 6 to 7 and Touche pas à mon poste, columnists have announced the return of Cyril Hanouna. And at around 8:20 p.m., the long-awaited moment by the fans of the show finally took place. C8’s troublemaker made a very remarkable appearance on the set of Touche pas à mon poste.

Discover the portrait of Cyril Hanouna:

Cyril Hanouna let Benjamin Castaldi take the reins of “Touche pas à mon poste” for two days as he celebrated Yom Kippur. And with his family from “TPMP” he decided to spend his evening. But one thing is certain: his arrival caused quite a stir. The host landed directly over the back of the set on his e-bike. For netizens, this entry was “stunning” and worthy of those of the “stars”. However, many Twitter users have pointed out “Cyril Hanouna’s ego.” “He really has a big head this Hanouna he sucks,” wrote one Twitter subscriber. Some even felt sorry for Benjamin Castaldi as moderator.

“A little respect for women”

Cyril Hanouna came to the set of Touche pas à mon poste in great shape. When he resumes office, he intends to return to the issues discussed in his absence. But, as many netizens point out, in just a few minutes he has already attacked “TF1, Michel Cymes” as well as “Anne Hidalgo”. In addition, his virulent statements against the mayor of Paris outraged Twitter subscribers. For them, it’s a “lack of respect.” Twittos therefore condemned the moderator’s “insults” and regretted his “vulgarity”. Although many people disagree with Anne Hidalgo, particularly regarding the ban on big screens at World Cup matches, they insisted on reminding that it is precisely when it comes to television that limits need to be set.

“Pleased to see Cyril Hanouna return”

Others, however, expressed their delight at the idea of ​​finding Cyril Hanouna on the set of Touche pas à mon poste. They appreciated all the more that he arrived in full live television in the “natural” mode, “unwashed hair”.

Finally the program took its course and at the end of this edition of “Touche pas à mon poste” Cyril Hanouna gave the floor to Laurent Méric, speaker of Enedis.

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