The secret to increasing muscle strength and muscle mass in less time |

All our lives we have believed that the only way to increase the strength and size of our muscles is to lift weights. However, a study by Edith Cowan University (USA) has shown that there is a much more effective way of muscle contraction and that it (warning!) involves lowering the weights.

The study, recently published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology, looked at three groups of people who performed different dumbbell curl exercises twice a week for five weeks. The first group performed eccentric muscle contractions (lowering the weight). The second group performed concentric muscle contractions (lifting the weight), while the third group performed concentric and eccentric muscle contractions (alternating lifting and lowering the weight).

After measuring the results, the scientists found that only those who lowered the weight experienced the same improvements as those who lifted and lowered the weight, despite doing half the reps. All three groups saw an improvement in concentric strength, but this was the only improvement for the concentric group alone. The eccentric-only and concentric-eccentric-only groups also saw significant improvements in isometric (static) strength and eccentric strength.

The key: eccentric muscle contractions

We already know that just one eccentric muscle contraction a day can increase muscle strength when performed five days a week, even if it lasts just three seconds a day. However, concentric (lifting a weight) or isometric (holding a weight) muscle contractions have no such effect.said Ken Nosaka, one of the authors of this study.

The study, which also involved researchers from Londrina State University (Brazil) and the Universities of Niigata and Nishi Kyushu (Japan), shows that focusing on eccentric muscle contractions is much more effective because ” Concentric muscle contractions contributed little to the training effects“.

This workout allows you to spend less time training more effectively.

Understanding the benefits of this workout can enable people to spend their time exercising more effectively. Considering the small amount of daily exercise required to get results, people don’t even need to go to the gym as they can incorporate these exercises into their daily routine.‘ said the researcher.

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