the terrible tirade of Pablo Longoria

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Pablo Longoria is not idle. Despite the ceasefire surrounding the World Cup in Qatar, the president of Olympique de Marseille is on all fronts. Of course, he has his eye on the next transfer window where he still has to work miracles to strengthen Igor Tudor’s team while also making good sales. On Tuesday he also gave a long press conference in which he took stock of the 2022/23 financial year in sporting and economic terms and drafted the timetable for the transfer market.

Longoria rails against the formation

This Thursday, the Spanish head of state continued with an interview Provence. On the agenda of this interview is the management of fans or the cases of loan players this season, but still closely followed by OM. Pablo Longoria also took the time to talk about the training. An area where, according to the president, residents of the Orange Vélodrome need to make huge progress, given that the U19s finished last in their group in the youth league and the professional team has no club-trained player in their ranks. A heresy for Longoria, who was not happy with the results in the Youth League.

“Our center has never developed well in recent years. Nevertheless, it is fundamental for the economy of French football and also for our project in terms of identification with the fans. It’s every fan’s dream to see how players who come out of the training center develop. For me, not having a central player in the first team is absolutely unacceptable. It doesn’t satisfy me. It’s really unacceptable. This situation cannot continue. It’s a failure for everyone and I’ve been a part of it since I arrived in 2020. So we made many changes. We did analytical work, a more collective approach. We need to recruit young people at the local level, much more than what we do today..

The President wants Minots in the pro group

He pursues: “Players from the region have to develop further at the club. We’re not only allowed to acquire players after training. There are many licensees here in the Mediterranean League. I don’t understand why we can’t get players out. It’s not that talent doesn’t exist. When I see Real Sociedad, with 14 locally born players playing in the first team, I don’t get it. What is different in Marseille? It’s not a question of genetics, but of work, mentality and, above all, aspirations. I found that the level of demand we wanted to put on the first team, which we see with Igor Tudor, wasn’t the same at the training centre..

Finally, Pablo Longoria explained that the youngsters should be integrated little by little since they are the ones who take advantage of the minutes given by the coach at the end of the game. The Spaniard doesn’t want to give gifts to the Minots, who have to earn their place and put themselves on the physical level to have a place in the demanding Tudor’s team. But he believes his club must have the courage and ambition to rely on his training centre. For him, not betting on young people is a big mistake and he wants to remedy the situation!

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