The Voice Kids: A candidate pays tribute to Daniel Lévi, his wife is upset!

The Voice Kids, a program that immobilizes many people in front of their small screen to see how the little stars improve week by week. You have to know it the final is coming and the little singers do everything they can to achieve this goal. For many, the evening is intense and emotions erupt everywhere. But not only for the little ones. In fact, emotions are also present for coaches, parents and even spectators. The semi-finals took place this Saturday, October 1st. As a result, the little ones fought for a chance to make it to the finals! among them, Aivan candidate by Patrick Fiori decided to snag his finalist ticket with Daniel Lévi’s The Desire to Love… A decision that deeply moved Sandrine Aboukrat, the late singer’s wife. We tell you everything!

The Voice Kids: a moving evening

A new evening full of joy and good humor on October 1st. Indeed, the semi-finals of The Voice Kids took place and the stress for the four coaches began to mount. Julien Doré, Louane, Kendji Girac and Patrick Fiori. Each of the coaches had to compete with their four semi-finalists. They then had to pick two to face off in the finals next week. The evening started with a real show. In fact, the first to start, Aivan, one of Patrick Fiori’s protégés. After performing tracks by artists such as Ella Fitzgerald and Zaz throughout various stages of the competition, the shy little boy tried a difficult new song. A song known as one of the most technical and powerful songs in the French repertoire.

A great surprise

A moment of great danger, intense silence and above all a nice surprise for the wife of the deceased performer of the song, Daniel Lévi. Aivan actually chose to interpret that‘want to love by Daniel Levi. A song from the musical The Ten Commandments. And the boy successfully coped with the difficult mission that he set himself! Accompanied by the city choir sankofa unitsucceeded Aivan pissing off the whole board. But also all the spectators who were present at the semi-finals of The Voice Kids this Saturday evening. After this moving interpretation, many mourn the sudden death of Daniel Lévi.

The death of Daniel Levi

On August 6, 2022, the famous artist Daniel Lévi succumbed to cancer just twenty days before his 61st birthday. He therefore left behind many survivors and fans. He will be missed terribly by his wife Sandrine Aboukrat and their four children. His wife, Sandrine Aboukrat, had therefore praised her late husband on her Instagram account. So she wrote: My husband, my king Daniel Haim ben Sarah Lévi joined the Gan Eden “. This death, just a few weeks after the birth of their son, shook many people. All netizens had therefore decided to express their condolences to the family and loved ones of Daniel Lévi. And this below a sudden death.

Source: Instagram Capture Story


Honors from all sides, for an artist who had made Courage to the end. In fact, his cancer has never stopped him from smiling. Because of this, and despite everything that was happening in his life at that time, he represented a great light in all the lives he knew. The honors didn’t stop there, however. With the provision ofAivan, indeed, has chosen to interpret the‘want to love Daniel Levi’s hit. A song he made for them ten Commandments. And the tribute didn’t fail to mark viewers’ minds. Including Daniel Lévi’s wife, who even published an Instagram story about it. A moving moment for everyone who watched The Voice Kids that evening.

Sandrine Aboukrat: “You see Daniel…”

“He sang the song so well, Daniel Lévi would have been proud”, “Grand interpretation of the desire to love. A strong thought for the loved ones of Daniel Lévi who sadly left this world”, “omg Daniel Lévi… I have tears, rest in peace big man”. As well as “Certainly not the same response during filming as today… Daniel Lévi we miss you so much”, “Daniel Lévi looks at you small”. These comments represent only a small part Reactions to Aivan’s performance in the semifinals by The Voice Kids. In fact, at the end of Aivan’s performance, we could find hundreds of comments on the internet. A very touching moment. And specially a successful performance!

Lots of emotions

An Instagram story has deeply touched the late singer’s wife. In fact, a user has published an excerpt of Aivan interpreting Daniel Lévi’s song with great emotion. She captioned it: “You see Daniel, the little ones don’t forget you”. It did not take long Sandrine Aboukrat reacts to this touching story. Knowing that she manages her late husband’s official account, she shared the video and her tender message. to give it a wider echo. So here it is Proof that the one she loved so much was not forgotten. Neither by the people of his time, nor by the youngest, who really enjoy interpreting his songs. You have to know that the magic of this song worked. And that’s because Aivan finds himself among the finalists of The Voice Kids, which airs next Saturday.

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